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When using the ABAP Proxy, Data is transformed from the XML Data Type to the corresponding ABAP Data Type or vice versa, based on the transformation generated by SAP. There will be instances when this transformation ends up in exceptions, leading to errors in the XML processing. I would like to show a way of finding out and modifying the default transformation generated in SAP for the ABAP Proxy.

Custom Transformation may be needed in occasions such as:

– Parsing and Transformation specific to the target system, such as Date, Time, Time Zone, and Number formats, and handling the XSD Attributes

– Restrictions on regeneration of the Proxy structure to suit different sender interfaces

This could throw exceptions such as:





The XML handling will then report errors such as:



These errors are usually associated with inbound proxies, and occur before the ABAP Proxy is executed. This leaves no room for error handling in the ABAP Proxy. Then the only place for such error handling is the XML Transformation. This option can also be used for XSL transformation in outbound proxies. In any case, the benefit is in maintaining a single Transformation program. It can be useful for any special XSL validations.

Finding the Transformation Program name associated with an
ABAP Proxy




Given the default setting of Standard and Simple, the transformation program names start with ‘/1SAI/TXS’ followed by the corresponding SPROXXSL table entry. This program can be used for testing and debugging, and can be edited as required. It is not yet clear as to if and how the customers can use the Extended and non-Simple XSL Transformation programs in the ABAP stack.

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  1. Former Member
    Bhanumurthy, this is really a great insight into the transformation on the ABAP side. Do you have any examples of customized error handling/messages that I can do in the default transformation program ? It will be great if you can send them to my emailID:


  2. Former Member
    thank you for interesting blog. I have got some questions and hope, it could be also interesting for other developer.
    1. How do i save my corrections from being regenerated by SAP. The background is that, the generated artifacts aren’t 100% ok and i need to make some little corrections on them.
    2.I also would transport the corrected transformations, in place of generating them on a targeted production system. Are the transformations changeble on a non-modifiable production system at all?

    Thanks, Gena

  3. Former Member
    HI Bhanu,

    I created the Scenario file to proxy in GTS. While generateing the proxy the entry in the table SPROXXSL is not getting automatically for synchronous and for Ashynch it is getting generated the entry. While testing i am getting the following error

      An internal error in the database interface occurred during access to
      the data of table “SPROXXSL “.                                       
       “DBIF_RSQL_INTERNAL_ERROR” ” ”                                                 
    While doing the Save_transformation this error is getting.

    Please help on this.



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