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Read SAP Table data from BW Webtemplate (AJAX in BW Webtemplate)

Sometimes back there was a  question (Re: access database table or flat file in Web template) in   BI Suite – Business Explorer (SAP Business Explorer (SAP BEx))  forum about reading SAP table from web  template at runtime. I had suggested using AJAX  (  programming. In this weblog i will try and demonstrate how to read data returned  by “BAPI_FLIGHT_GETLIST” dynamically at runtime from BW web template.Within the web template XMLHTTPRequest is used to  execute the BSP application and get the data back. The returned XML is converted  into HTML table in two ways a) using XSL Transformations  ( b)  reading the XML elements using JavaScript.    Once the Webtemplate is created save it and run from browser to see the result.   The result will look like below.  image
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