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SAP EP abbreviations


As part of a presentation used internally in Bouvet on SAP Enterprise Portal I started collecting SAP specific abbreviations on this topic, and it’s this list I would like to share with SDN community.

As you can see from the image below, it was quite difficult to fit them all on to a single powerpoint slide, but somehow I managed it. image

Of course I do not belive this is a complete list, and therefore I’ve created a forum thread where you can add other abbreviations and corrections: /thread/107057 [original link is broken].


  • ADoW = Application Delivery Over WAN
  • BSP = Business Server Page
  • CAF = SAP Composite Application Framework (CAF)
  • CBS = Component Build Service
  • CI = Central Instance
  • CM = Content Management
  • CMS = Change Management Server (CMS in non-SAP world is Content Management System)
  • DC = Development Component
  • DI = Dialog Instance
  • DQE = Distributed Query Engine
  • DSM = Distributed Session Management
  • DTR = Design Time Repository
  • ENQ = Enqueue Server
  • EP = Enterprise Portal
  • EPCF = Enterprise Portal Client Framework
  • EPCM = Enterprise Portal Client Manager
  • ESA = Enterprise Service Architecture (SAP implementation of SOA)
  • HTMLB = HTML-Business
  • IRJ = iView Runtime Java
  • JCO = SAP Java Connector
  • JDI = Java Developer Infrastructure
  • JRA = Java Resource Adapter (JCA implementation of JCO)
  • KM = Knowledge Management
  • KMC = Knowledge Management and Collaboration
  • MSG = Message Server
  • NW = NetWeaver
  • NW04 = NetWeaver 2004 (WAS 6.40)
  • NW04S = NetWeaver 2004 mySap Business Suite Edition (WAS 7.00)
  • NWDI = NetWeaver Developer Infrastructure
  • NWDS = NetWeaver Developer Studio
  • OBN = Object Based Navigation
  • PAM = Product Availability Matrix
  • PAR = Portal Archive
  • PCD =Portal Content Directory
  • PDK = Portal Development Kit
  • POM = Portal Object Model
  • PRT= Portal Runtime
  • RTC = RealTime Collaboration
  • SC = Software Component
  • SCA = Software Component Archive
  • SCS = SAP Central Services
  • SDA = Software Delivery Archive
  • SDM = Software Deployment Manager
  • SLD = System Landscape Directory
  • SNC = Secure Network Communications
  • SP = Support Package
  • SPS = Support Package Stack
  • TREX = Text Retrieval and Information Extraction
  • UME = User Management Engine
  • WAS = Web Application Server
  • WD = WebDynpro
  • WDA = Webdynpro ABAP
  • WDJ = Webdynpro Java
  • xAPP = Cross application

Unknown abbreviations

These are some abbreviations I have yet to decipher. Any assistance would be appreciated!

  • P4= SAP-specific transport protocol, is it only because it uses port 50004+instancenr*1000?


I’d like to thank the following for contributing to the creation of this list:

  • Divakar Salla
  • Ankur Jain
  • Detlev Beutner
  • Rich Heilman
  • Ivaylo Ivanov
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  • Dagfin,

    Many of the abbreviations you listed are not necessarily portal specific. Take UME for example. This is a service of the underlying AS Java. You can install and use and AS Java without a portal and the UME is still there. If you really want to make this a portal exclusive list, you need to separate the underlying infrastructure from the portal. CI, DI, P4, SLD, these are all concepts of the underlying infrastructure. Then there are BSPs and Web Dynpro. These are technologies you can uses on a portal. I may be wrong here, but you may be able to use them without a portal. (I hope I am not walking on thin ice here.)

    Making a list of all the abbreviations used at SAP, will keep you busy for a looong time.


    • Hi Michael,

      You are absolutely correct.

      However, the list was originally intended as a list of SAP abbreviations related to SAP EP, i.e. which abbreviations you have to know  when you are working with SAP EP. For example, you cannot setup an SAP EP system without configuring the UME (I don’t see the default setting of storing userdata in the portal database as a viable option for non-sandbox systems).

      I see now from the wording in my blog that my original intention is not very clear.

      PS Maybe we can use the wiki to slowly capture all abbreviations