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SDN Contributor Challenge!

Many of you might know that I am currently on vacation right now but I did want to take the time to let everyone know about a cool little challenge we have going here on SDN!  It deals with the Enterprise Portal and KMC, so get your thinking hats on and get your fingers warmed up! All submissions are due by February 28, 2006, and all submissions should be sent via EMAIL to Craig Cmehil only submissions sent this way will be accepted!  Prize is a 128 MB USB/MP3 Memory Stick/Player So here is the contest! KM Content Search & Replace Tool, your task is to write a Java, or .NET (through the .NET PDK, if possible) application that goes through a folder in KM recursively (sub-folders, folders within sub-folders, and so forth) and does a search and replace of text you specify in any documents that are text-based, ie. XML, HTML, ASCII TEXT, etc.    One catch, this should run as an iView inside the portal!
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  • Hi Craig,

    Following the statement you said “made by the communit, shared by the communit” I think that the result of this content will be posted as Code Sample to be downloaded by anyone, Am I right?


  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks so much to you and the SDN team for hosting this contest.  I’ve had tremendous success in getting help from talented coders that comprise the SDN community in the past.  With a tool like this, that would be very useful with my own work in the Portal, I’m sure there are many coders that can conjure up some amazing solutions.  I look forward to the response and subsequently downloading and using this tool.  Keep up the great work at SDN, folks!  This is far and beyond the best technical community on the planet!