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Storks Flying Over SDN

First it was The specified item was not found. ringing for our friend Craig (and Mark and Roberto)…now it’s storks over SDN.


Since in the past these happy events seem to be an epidemic, is there cause to pause, oh fearless SDNers?


This year has already given birth to a number of fresh concepts in SDN and a number of milestones.

First, we celebrated the 20K readership crossing of the most popular weblog in our blogosphere: The specified item was not found., Michal Krawczyk’s FAQ, and now we can also celebrate another 20K milestone:


Our resident ABAP wizard, Rich Heilman, captured the exact moment that the ABAP forums topped 20K threads. Kudos Rich, you are all over it, literally. Just visit the ABAP Development and see how busy he is there.

So lot’s of exciting happenings in this community.

And of course, join me in congratulating Craig on the arrival of his baby son, Jason. Details are available here.

cheers, Marilyn

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