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SDN Satisfaction Survey to Fulfill Your Wants and Needs

It’s Satisfaction Survey time again at SDN.   Observant users may notice that we run these surveys an awful lot – two to four times a year in fact. The frequency of our surveys often causes me to worry that SDN users have come to regard them as public radio listeners regard pledge drives. (Apologies, only U.S. readers will get this.) “Ugh! Not again!” listeners lament as their favorite drive-time news program is interrupted by a 15-minute segment devoted to peddling pledges in exchange for “thank-you gifts” no one could possibly want, like logo golf tees.     So, if you’ve ever greeted the SDN Survey Banner with “Ugh! Not again! I just did one of those three months ago!” stop and consider this: At least we’re not asking you for money. Quite the contrary – with every survey we give one lucky participant free admission to an SAP TechEd. And the SDN logo tees (gifts for the runners-up) are way cooler than any golf accessory.   Seriously: The real reward you reap for taking a few moments to complete our survey is a better SDN. A better SDN that addresses user needs, your needs. A better SDN that helps you develop your skill-set and your career by delivering the knowledge you need, when you need it, and how you want it. A better SDN that empowers you to do your job better and faster.   How can a survey do all that? It’s simple. We at SDN really pay attention to what you tell us. Survey results are analyzed carefully by everyone on the SDN team – from the highest boss-men to the humblest editors. And from that analysis, we take action.    Indeed, users shape the course and drive the development of SDN. If you look back at the site’s short but significant history, every major expansion and change can be directly traced to feedback from users collected in a satisfaction survey. You asked for ABAP content. The ABAP Developer Area was born. You wanted to be recognized for your contributions to SDN. Enter the SDN Contributor Recognition Program and, later, the Community Corner. You wanted to grow the SDN community offline. We gave you SDN Meets Labs events, an 80 city SAP NetWeaver Tech Tour, and SDN clubhouses at SAP TechEd events.   You asked us to make it easier for you to share your knowledge with the community. In response, we streamlined our registration and content submission processes, making it easier that ever for you to become an SDNer, post in the forums, amd comment on and author weblogs.   So, please, take a few moments and complete the survey Give us the data we need to serve you better, to improve your SDN experience. You might just win a free pass to SAP TechEd ’06. You might win a tee-shirt. You might win nothing (or worse, some logo golf tees). What you’ll get for certain is a feeling of empowerment, knowing that you are shaping the future of SDN and, by proxy, the future of SAP, the third largest software company in the world.   Never forget: No matter how much you rely on SDN, SDN relies more on you.  

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      Former Member

      When i click on the link to fill the survey it says survey closed.

      NagaKishore V

      Author's profile photo Chris McLellan
      Chris McLellan
      The survey seems to be closed.....

          SDN Satisfaction Survey

             January 2006

              The SDN Satisfaction Survey is closed.

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      Former Member
      Goodness! The survery will be re-opened shortly. Thanks for trying to participate.


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      Former Member
      Sorry for the inconvenience.


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      Former Member
      I filled in the survey and tried to submit it.
      I got a long blank page and scrolling down below
      there's a line:
      Error:   Only one submission permitted per person.

      What? This is the first time to access this
      If only one submission is allowed per person,
      why not show this error upon access to the
      survey form if that person really had submitted
      What a waste of energy filling in all form.:(

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      Former Member
      I second that - if the same survey gets announced multiple times, please make sure to make it clear it is the same (maybe through a survey name/date that makes it unique, even if the questions stay the same).

      I usually fill out the survey once I read an annoucement anywhere, after that I don't care about it - next time I read an announcement I do the same. As I do not remember the exact time of the last survey, and because they are taken frequently, it's hard to know if the survey that I read about is one that I already filled in. Please help us distinguish.

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      Former Member
      I totally understand your irritation here, guys.

      Unfortunately, the system can't prevent you from filling out a survey you've already completed because it doesn’t check the email address against the database until the input is submitted. 

      One solution: We could integrate the survey with the SDN framework and capture the UserID upfront, which would prevent duplicate submissions proactively. The downside: with this solution users will no longer have the option to provide feedback anonymously.

      The other solution is the one proposed by Max Moder: Simply give the surveys distinguishing names, so users know which surveys they’ve responded to and which they have not.

      Personally I favor a technical solution. Even if we name the surveys, it will be a pain for users to have to remember them. A user might say, "Hmmm … this is the Early Spring 2006 Survey. Did I fill that one out, or was the one I did called the Late Winter 2006 Survey?"

      In other the words I don't think the onus should be on the user.

      I will raise this issue with the SDN management team, as they oversee survey policy. I'll report back on what I manage to achieve toward resolving this problem.

      Many thanks to those of you who took time to bring this usability issue to my attention. The less devoted would have simply muttered a few four letter words at their computer and gone away from the experience agitated!

      And thanks for trying to complete the survey – again. 🙂

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      Former Member
      hello Jenn,

      actually it was my FIRST time to access the
      survey, filled it up and when i submitted
      i got that error...


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      Former Member
      Well, that was quick! I already heard back from the SDN Head Honcho, VP Mark Yolton.

      He has asked our survey administrator to add to the current survey this wording: January/February 2006 Survey. Only one response per SDN member is permitted.

      Furthermore, he authorized me to log a request for a technical solution - an "upfront duplicate response checker" to use lay terms (my terms, no techie am I). So, this request will go to our Solution Office for prioritization. Hopefully something will be developed in time for the next survey! 


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      Former Member
      Good news 🙂
      "upfront duplicate response checker" ... sounds just like what I would have suggested next, to first ask the user if he/she wants to take the survey with or without submitting an email address, so to check if the given address has already been used.

      Thumbs up anyway, that's how things should be taken care of, quickly tackling issues!

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      Former Member
      A suggestion.

      If we have sort of a BLOG with a survey structure where we could feed the data any time we feel that such a structured feedback is needed, and complementing this with periodic surveys.

      I see your surveys as a maintenance tool, so why not use SAP maintenance best practices such as maintenance catalogs (surveys) but on a demand base.

      Thanks for the survey and the efforts.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I'm not quite sure what you mean. Could you try to clarify?

      If you feel it's not appropriate here, feel free to email directly at