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Finding recent modifications to EP PCD

Presently it is not easy to find changes made to the PCD (Portal Content Directory) in SAP NetWeaver Portal. The attached PAR file contains a component that can be used to list changes in a date-descending sequence, such as: image

Optionally, a property can be set within an iView that uses this component. This property (SystemName) references an SAP system defined in the system landscape. The SAP system is called through a remote function call to see if there are any TMS transports that contain specially formatted entries which contain the same details as the listing. If such transports exist, then the date/time details are compared for the objects and any differences will be displayed on the report. A new TMS transport can be created or an existing TMS transport can be updated with any new date/time stamps for the objects. This allows a form of change control to be maintained.


(The above image is slightly blurry due to scaling issues with the screen capoture tool that I used…)

For those who are curious, I implemented the formatting of the TMS transport using comment entries. I couldn’t think of any other entry type that was appropriate, but I am open to suggestions.

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  • Hi,

    First of all Thank you for this usefull weblog.
    I have one question.Can you please clear my Doubt.
    Actually I am doing migration project from EP5.0 to EP6.0.In EP5.0 I was using some services called "pcdmanager" and "pcdservice" .In my project these services are used.Now I am unable to find these services in EP6.0.
    I was using the methods..
         public static IContentService getPcdService() {
    return (IContentService) ServiceManager.getInstance().get("pcdservice");

    return getPcdService().getParManifest(parName);

    So instead of this method which method should I use?
    Thankx in advance.


  • Hi.

    Thanks for the blog! It's great. A tool I've thought I would need for some time now, and I think eventually it have the potential to grow into a small "Portal-CMS" or even integrate with the JDI.
    Anyway I wasn't able to find a perticular class: I only found, but it's perhaps not the same...

    Could you provide a list of used jars or even better what dc's to use?
    I managed to compile your other blog Finding recent modifications to EP PCD after some struggle finding all jar-files.

    Regards, Mikael.

    • Hi Mikael

      I haven't looked at that program since I upgraded my portal. When I use the classlocator addin to find, I found it in server0\bin\ext\\portal_services_api_lib


  • Hello Micheal,

    I found your blog very intresting and i am trying to implement this in my portal which has sp17. First of all
    1. will this par file work on SP17 and where is this excel file getting stored.
    2. If i want to implement the same what should i do(any ivew needs to created after deploying the par file).

    It will be very much helpfull if you could explain.

    Thanks & Regards

    • I haven't tried the PAR file for quite a while, so I don't know if it will work with SP17. It didn't make an Excel file, but I have a wiki page which has some code that will create an Excel file. See here