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Create Interactive, Flash-Based Analytical Applications in the New Visual Composer

Check out the latest issue of BW Expert magazine, also online at In it, you’ll find the article “Create Unparalleled Analytical Applications with SAP NetWeaver BI, Visual Composer, and Macromedia Flex.”

This is an excellent summary of the new analytical features in Visual Composer Preliminary Version for Analytics – which is currently in pilot, but due to be released in a support pack of NetWeaver 2004s this year.

The big thing for analytics is that Visual Composer server integrated with the Adobe (nee Macromedia) Flex engine, meaning that you can now easily create interactive analytical applications and deploy them to Adobe Flash format.  It’s easy to integrate whiz-bang charts, gauges, and sliders into your applications, which might look something like this:

whiz-bang interactives

In the article, you’ll also find a step-by-step real-world example of how to create an analytical application in Visual Composer and deploy to Adobe Flash format.

Check it out!

Full Disclosure:  Okay, I wrote the article, together with my trusty cohort in Israel, Judy Kestecher.  All the more reason to check it out! Just do us the favor and wherever you see “Macromedia,” swap it with “Adobe.”  The official “change of brand” didn’t come to us till after presstime.



whiz-bang interactives
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  • It would be *neat-o* to see something like this for a portal admin.....something maybe showing the portal load/usage as well as the bandwidth usage, load, response time, etc. of connected systems. That'd be a heckuva cool dashboard to check out!
    • hi christopher --
      yeah, having an animated, interactive bar chart really makes people take notice, jump in, and interact where maybe a static chart didn't.
      are you thinking something along the lines of Web analytics too? traffic analysis/hits/visits/referrals/etc?  have you seen Google Analytics, btw?

  • Hi Moya,

    You had mentioned Visual Composer Analytics (Flash Version) will be available with NW 2004s SP soon, do you know which SP this will be available with. We are on NW 2004s BI ramp up SP6, will it be available with SP7 which is coming out next week?

    Also do you know the GA of VC Analytics?



    • hi deepu;

      SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer (the one with all the Flash goodness) is going to GA in NetWeaver 2004s SPS08 (toward the end of June).

      and just a note on terminology, which is always fun: there's no such thing as "Visual Composer Analytics" - this version above, "Visual Composer Preliminary Version for Analytics," has morphed into the official NetWeaver 2004s version which is going GA in SPS08.

      there is a separate ramp up called the Analytics ramp up, and customers on this get the SPS07 version of Visual Composer, but from what I understand you're not part of that.  if you're on the BI ramp up as part of NetWeaver 2004s, you'll get Visual Composer GA in SPS08.

      hope that clarifies things;


  • Hi Moya,

    the ui controls shown on the picture above are very nice. Where can I find some more informations about all available controls?


    • hi frank;

      all of the controls (and all of the functionality) is documented in the SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer Reference Guide, and SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer Modeler's Guide, which will be released together with the product during GA in NetWeaver 2004s SPS08.

      you can also check out the new Visual Composer page on the SDN for more examples and for the latest news. see the link off of the SDN homepage!