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XI: Debugging RFC calls from the XI not possible? Who said that? :-)

Have you ever been working with the RFC receiver adapter?



Step 4

Now we have to specify the queue name (DEBUG_QUEUE)
and the RFC destination.

You can get the RFC destination name from TCODE – SM59 (internal destination) the one with





Step 5

Now we can execute our integration scenario that will call our old RFC.

Step 6

If the old RFC got called we can go to TCODE – SMQ1 again
where we should see
that our RFC call (actually the one that we execute from the old function) got caught.

Step 7

We can enable our queue – but without activation.



Step 8

Now by clicking on the queue we can see our RFC call which we can directly debug
(with all the same parameters as with the original call). The only exception will probably be the user
(so remember about the differencies with the authorizations!) but every parameter should be
exactly the same as in the original call.


This weblog introduces just one of the ways how you can debug your RFC calls
but I believe it’s very easy to implement in the dev environments.

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  • Hi,

    We got a situation in our QA & Prod boxes where Async Scenario (MQ/JMS to IDOC) get thier transaction iddle in a (specific) queue. It has the statuses Running and it stay in that statuses for ever ... How can you debug theses ?

    Merci !

  • Hi, I reckon there is a better way to do this now without doing any code at all by setting breakpoints in the FM and calling the FM from XI.

    It worked well perfectly
    See Note 668256 - "Using HTTP/external debugging"