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Finally Best of SDN 2005

Finally the Best of SDN 2005 from the SDN Team. Beauty is, most of what is listed has been mentioned by one of you in the Best of SDN 2005 your suggestions … already.

In no particular order:

Thomas Jung and Brian McKellar together writing the Advanced BSP programming book. Two SDNers, one an SAP Employee one a developer at an SAP customer living on different continents and getting to know each other on SDN and without talking once on the phone finishing and publishing a book. Amazing.

The Download Area had over 150,000 downloads of NetWeaver-related evaluation software. SDN didn’t provide a combined Java and ABAP package, so community members (Gregor Wolf and others) figured out a way of installing the two individual packages together and shared their experiences in the forums.

Speak Your Voice; New ABAP Editor for Older Releases. It was an amazing community effort. Thomas Jung rallied the troops with New ABAP Editor; too good to wait for. Speak Your Voice; New ABAP Editor for Older Releases and the Back-porting the New ABAP Editor to older WebAS Releases with 220 replies was created. I have to admit we the SAP SDN Team dropped the ball on this one. Actually the truth is I dropped the ball. There were quite some discussions going on within SAP and a project plan was set up and 60 development days were calculated for it and now we only need someone to shell out the money so we can hire an experienced SAP developer to do the work? SDN is offering to pay for half of it, but which group within SAP is willing to pay for the other half? I have right now so many other things on my plate, and this issue didn’t get the attention that it deserved. The project is not dead yet and may be this paragraph will make the difference. Not sure what Thomas‘ first tasks here at SAP are, but may be Back-porting the ABAP editor and Debugger would just be the right tasks to get him up to speed regarding the SAP internal development environment.

Best thing I did this year is hands down grabbing the opportunity to hire Craig Cmehil when he knocked on SAP’s door. He was a force on SDN before coming on board, briefly even surpassing Thomas Jung to be the Top SDN contributor. Now he is even stronger from within SAP keeping the Weblogs flowing, dealing with the Felixes of SDN, tireless working on improvements to SDN and the community experience. His performance as Quizmaster at the SDN Clubhouse was just terrific. It allows me to take my hands off and focus on the real important stuff like iPod deliveries 😉 [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] writing his I LOVE Open Source—Really! Weblog post to correct some wrong interpretation of his Churchill Club Interview on SDN was a highlight of 2005. It proved that in regards to development SDN is the place for Shai’s voice and that not only during TechEd time. He is a great leader, the icing would have been if he would have also commented to DJ’s blog: SAP and Open Source: an analysis and letter to SAP and Shai, but there were some excellent comments from other SAP employees.

Welcome to the SDN Podcast! is surprisingly often mentioned as a Best of SDN in the Best of SDN 2005 your suggestions …. [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] from the SDN Team in Israel was the one who pushed it through. We are doing our best to bring you the latest SDN community news on a weekly basis. What has not happened yet is community created content. What are you waiting for? Would love to hear your voices too. Would be a good candidate for Best of 2006.

I loved the Web Dynpro 24 Day Calendar from the especially as it was itself programmed in Web Dynpro (It looks like it has been taken down already). I even tried to solve one of the Soduko puzzle and failed miserably.

Again power of SDN: Valerie Silaev writes: I’m not sure whether or not it is a first poll on SDN, but this is definitely a first poll of such class:
POLL: Web Dynpro UI elements – enhancement proposals started by Armin Reichert on Feb 9, 2005 Almost every (OK, filtered by useful + demanded 😉 enhancement discussed here get into NW04s release of WebDynpro for Java.
Yes that one I didn’t even know about, more reason to love it.

Harald Reiter and Adobe @ SAP TechEd drawing crowds of people to their SDN Clubhouse sessions. They had a small advantage that there were no competing TechEd sessions during their time slot. Nevertheless great job. Update: Totally forgot and my apology: If James Brown is the hardest working man in show business Eddy de Clerk this year was the hardest working man in and around the SDN Clubhouse. Not only did he present in the regular SAP TechEd program, he also had his own Top SDN Contributor Q&A as well as a BoF session. On top of all of it he would tape his session and others like the SDN quiz. Thank you Eddy.

XI FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is the most visited Weblog post of all times. Thanks Michal Krawczyk for creating it and keeping it up to date. Moving this information to a Wiki would make that update easier and all this XI excitement that is happening on SDN right now could be funneled into improving the content.

The best of the best of SDN are the active community members which can be measured by the fact that in 2005 we quintupled the forum posts from 260 to 1400 per day (more forum statistics in a separate post).

Pizzaman in the Best of SDN 2005 your suggestions … is so right: The best part od SDN, has been, and continues to be the folks that participate. Almost universally positive and supportive of others, both those looking fo answers and those offering the benefit of their experience. The BI forums have exploded with participation. I really enjoy seeing the responses from SAP folks to questions, and am glad there doesn’t appear to be any corporate restrictions on their ability to participate.

There is actually so much more, but it is getting really late.

Let’s make sure we keep it up in 2006.

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    • Hi Juergen,
      You got me on that one. I copied the URL into a new browser window and thought, Weblog post 3005 that's quite a high number and then nothing happened. I hit the refresh button, checked the URL again and only then it slowly dawned on me. Very nice. Thanks, Mark.
        • Hi SDNers,
          Wow, this one got a bit out of hand. I am sorry. Would I have known, actually Craig warned me, I would have left it out.
          It was a lame attempt at a little inside joke, I didn't want to push buttons.
          Felix wrote me this morning to apologize and I wanted to talk to him first to iron things out before we change anything here.
          There is a new SDN campaign out that says something like: On SDN you find great technical content, super collaboration and lame jokes.
          I guess I just proved the last point 🙂
          No harm meant, Mark.
          P.S. If we go on like this the #1 Google result for a "Felixes" search will be this Weblog. What's next? Time word of the year 2006?
          • Thanks Mark.
            I am also sorry for not contacting you first offline before commenting out anything here.
            lame jokes = Felixes = perfectly ok 🙂
            Best regards,
    • Hi Felix,

      I think Mark tried to explain dealing with the bugs which Felix had discovered, and you are taking it otherwise.

      Mark am i correct?

      You are one of the TOP contributor of SDN, and i appricate the way you are working for SDN.

      My suggestion to you is , "think positive and be optimisitic".

      I would also suggest Mark to clear the way he wrote that statement.

      • No Kamaljeet,

        "Dealing with Felixes" is not a statement that can be taken as "positive and optimisitic" because it does not include me alone! He is giving a group of people, a tag name "Felixes", in my name.

        >> I would also suggest Mark to clear the way he wrote that statement.
        I certainly want him to make clear the way he wrote his statements.


        • Hi Felix,

          -> He is giving a group of people, a tag name "Felixes"
          If you again try to look this with positive approach, might be mark have tried to say this as, dealing with the PROBLEMs/BUGs (FELIXes)which Felix had discovered.

          But this is purely my view, again mark only can clear you.

          And the other post which you sent its better to discuss it either offline or in SDN suggestion forum,  many new users are wathcing us, and as a active & responsible member of the SDN community we have to consider this, we knows the issues, but others are aware or not, we can't say.

          Again this's my suggestion, don't take it otherwise.

          Kamaljeet Singh

          • Yes Kamaljeet, many people are watching.
            But the same people will also read the weblog having "Dealing with Felixes".
            I never thought of commenting it here. But I was provoked to comment here.
          • Hi Felix,

            We all know you are helping many new commers at SDN and you also helped me, and hope to see the same supportive attitude from you always for all.

            As i mat you in TechEd, i found you to be very calm and supportive person, and still i would say you are. My suugestion to you again, try to avoid these type of comments and enjoy the way you are working.

            Best of luck.

            Enjoy the weekends!!!!!
            Kamaljeet Singh

          • Excellent advice Kameljeet, and if issues were first addressed offline and had time to discuss before, as they say in "English" lay your dirty laundry on the line I think that things would be better understood.

            However, Felix as you can't seem to take the time to just email and talk to Mark or myself about this I see no other choice but to let the messages go.

            As for using SDNer names, in your case you were asked to remove the names because the individuals said you were misrepresenting them in your "New to XI?" blog which was not presented in an objective and netural way. After lost of modifications by myself this blog was accepted by those individuals. Mark here in this weblog did not use your name, he did not write Felix Jeyareuben, he wrote "Felixes" which could mean anything, however instead of just emailing him and waiting for him to respond like a responsible member of the community you have instead attacked SDN and it's moderators using past issues where it was clearly explained to why you were wrong in doing what you did.

            I would suggest that you stop making it harder for yourself and wait for Mark to respond or email him directly. Perhaps Mark meant as Kameljeet said  and the term was used in a positive light, however, now with all of your comments most won't be able to accept that as you pointed out everytime that SDN had to intervene and address your un-desired and un-professional behaviour. These comments showing that very much.

            So please AGAIN, communicate with Mark and wait to see what Mark has to say. Most likely this is a complete misunderstanding but now we must also deal with all of these negative issues you have once again brought up. Posting in the forum and weblogs all of these issues simply means that we now have to address to the entire SDN Community what is going on.


          • Craig,
            Whatever why he had said, I am ready to take Kamaljeet's advise and take it in a positive sense. But I felt very bad when he mentioned it in his weblog being a responsible moderator!

            I will close the topic now, take it in positive sense and I will surely communicate with Mark.
            (Actually I waited a day for him to comment after my first comment asking him if it ment actually me)


          • Yup Man,

            Thats like a perfect gentleman.

            I think Felix is already doing very good job, eventhough he raised the issue in a wrong way, but his concern was valid.

            Hope to see more weblogs from Felix in near future.
            Best of luck Felix.

            And lets close the issue.

            Kamaljeet Singh

  • 2005 was really great year for SDN. I hope 2006 will be even better:-)

    I especially loved the Sneak Preview downloads...and the huge amount of high quality weblogs.

    I's a good news, that Thomas joined SAP. It's also great that the Back-porting ABAP editor project might come true. Please keep us updated about this topic.