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SDN: Community Update – Week 1, 2006

This update is jammed pack with new and exicting information,  in a first for SDN we have breaking news about one of SDN’s Top Contributors, he’s our special guest so listen in to hear what he has to say but remember SAP Careers is the link you need to check out! The SAP Forums here on SDN are not the proper place for posting of jobs or job hunting. Also keep your eyes open for our “Career Corner” coming in the near future!  Has anyone been watching the Top Contributors in the last 30 days? Vijay Babu Dudla with almost 5% of the overall forum activties alone! Check out his business card and see what he’s been sharing!!  T-Shirts, we’ve not forgotten them, in fact we are busy getting our new process in place and planning our first big shipment to everyone eligible for a t-shirt. Just have a little more patience and hopefully you’ll have them in your hands before too long! Remember to follow the instructions listed in this SDN: T-Shirts & More!  Special congratulations to Detlev Beutner and Rich Heilman for crossing the line into the 10K Club!
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  • Yeah I know first he comes with the sticky posts stuff and now this 🙂
    Ok so to be serious I think the idea that one person speaks on the right and one on the left speaker is a good one. BUT when I am hearing podcasts at work our while I am traveling via headphones most times I have always only one side plugged in. So I have to decide whether I want to hear you or Mark 😉
    I would like to hear if other people are doing the same...

    Regarding the podcast great job as usual and nice to hear that Thomas got his new job 🙂


      • Before everyone starts making Mark feel bad because they listen to me 😉 I should tell everyone I will be using a different tool to record the Podcast this week and it should elminate the separate channel issue (I hope).
        • Guys, I appreciate that the podcast thing is new for SDN, but sometimes it can be painful to listen to. At times is doesn't seem very well scripted and not like what I would expect from the leads for the development community of one of the world's major software houses (I would mention however that I thought Thomas Jung's speech and comfort in answering in this particular podcast were good).

          I was hoping for a podcast that would discuss SAP technologies, particularly the latest and greatest stuff, rather than listening to commentary about points, changes to SDN and how great the community is.

          I hope this is constructive criticism.  Feel free to shoot me down. 🙂

          • Actually your points are well taken and exactly what we've been asking for. These weekly updates we've been doing are purely "State of SDN" type of updates and we've been trying for a non-scripted very informal process.

            If the community desires and we have enough response we are going to try and get more of the technical experts in and see what they have to say. Those would then be in addition to our normal updates.

            Have you checked out some of the other Podcasts available here? Not just the "Week Updates" but the other ones?

          • Here's an alternative view - I like the 'unscripted' angle for the podcast. I think the relaxed style that Mark and Craig put over is just right. This is much more a community podcast, by community leaders, about the SDN community, rather than a developer discussion or sales pitch to talk about technologies. And there's nothing stopping you (or anyone else of course) from creating podcasts with a technology focus.