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SAP Solution Manager New Info Blog

Hello, my name is Evan Stoddard.  I am a member of the SAP Solution Manager Regional Implementation Group (RIG) dedicated to assisting customers and SAP colleagues with new developments in the SAP Solution Manager.  Through this blog I hope to share any new infomation concerning the SAP Solution Manager, such as new developments, new training materials, infomation shared from other customers, etc.  I will attempt to post to this blog as often as I can, to assist everyone with their implemenation and use of the platform.  Thanks.
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  • Great idea to have a Solution Manager BLOG. Maybe next step would be to have an area with facilities such as a "place" to work with the Solution Manager where one could interact (Sort of a Solution Manager IDES).
    • Hi Luis - yes we are looking into this.  At the moment the best way to interact is using the Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer content.  We just released the content for Solution Manager 4.0.  The URL is  The content includes interactive tutorials on all functions of the newest release, and also white papers.  Access to this area is included under standard Maintenance.  We are looking into expanding our Solution Manager coverage (such as this blog) into other areas as well.  Any developments will be posted here and also the homepage at alias /solutionmanager too.
  • Evan.

    Is there a way to develop an monitor the business configuration process in the same manner as the User business process?

    Is this area of interest to other persons?

    • Hi Luis:

      Do you meed documenting the configuration process in the standard ASAP phase of Realization?  If so, yes.  In the SOLAR02 transaction, you can document all IMG configuration objects and all development objects.  When you navigate to the satellite system to make changes to these objects, the transport request created can be linked to the project.  You can then move these objects between DEV and QAS using project cycles provided by the Change Request Management system.  The new reporting in Solution Manager 4.0 allows you to see all transports by project and status.  In addition, you can flag the status of each object (in process...completed..etc.) in the SOLAR02 so that the project lead can use the SOLAR_EVAL transaction for project completion reporting.

    • Hello Luis:

      Can you give an example?  We can monitor the processes but at the present time due to the architecture of SAP's monitoring suite we look at transaction, interfaces, and processes on the application side.

  • Evan
    One of ESA´s promises is to save costs when changing a business process, I believe that the Solution Manager is a must tool to fulfill that promise. The actual modeling of a Business Process in both worlds the user operating world and the "consultant" world (configuration,  coding in general the world that builds and maintains the operating pieces of the user operating world).
    An example;
    A customer is looking to update some of his equipments in a manufacturing plant, in order to know the impact of this a model that ties the production and maintenance process with costs and finance and materials (not a complete list) is needed, this model will help to smooth the configuration process the update of coding and the new coding needed (if that is the case).
    I call the services that allows to see the impact on the "consultants world" The Process Configuration Services, PCS"
    This approach will help not only the large SAP Customers but will lower the costs for ESA in the SMB.

    I hope this Tropical Salad of ideas make sense and is considering of any value.

    Thanks Evan for your time.

    • Well, the entire concept of SAP Solution Manager is to provide customers with all documentation of complex scenarios throughout the life-cycle.  As we move away from single instances (the old R/3 world) and into ESA the increase in functionality for the end user results in increased complexity for implementation and IT teams.  For modeling like you described this can be done in SAP Solution Manager but we have been recommending the use of the IDS Scheer ARIS tool which provided more comprehensive moldeling tools, and which directly integrates with SAP Solution Manager.
  • We are contemplating where to install our CMS for XI transports. Some sources say that CMS is bundled with SOLMAN 4.0. Can you please give an insight into what kind of change management support for the Java stack SOLMAN 4.0 provides. Currently we are leaning towards installing CMS on the Dev XI system.


    • Hello:

      Change Request Management (CHARM) is indeed present in both v3.2 and 4.0 of the SAP Solution Manager.  Both releases only handle ABAP transports (workbench and customizing) at the present time.  Under development is the additional functionality for Java changes.  This is tentatively set for release in Q3 2006.  Note that you can track these changes now with correction messages in the same way that third party changes are tracked and documented.  The enhancement in Q3 (hopefully) will be a technical integration in the same way the current CHARM integrates with TMS directly.  I don't see how you would install CHARM separately - it is built into the SAP Solution Manager archicteture (where the Service Desk provides the workflow and approval process.)

  • Hi.

    How can you monitor an XI integration within Solution Manager BPM.  Example: I would like to know that a message sent has received a status back from the recepient  within a certain time and if that time is exceeded I want to raise an alert within BPM in Solution Manager.

    Is this possible? And how do you do this?


  • Hi,
    We have installed Solution Manager and want to use for documenting and testing both Config. and development request in 2 R/3 (4.6 C) and BW systems.

    I am look for how to guide for the same. Can you please guide me on where to get this info.
    Is Sol. Man a project management and documentation tool?
    I am not familiar with this product. I am trying to evaluate if this product is good for above requirement.
    I found lot of document on security but not on SAP project tracking and testing.
    Any guidance on this will be very helpful.


  • I need your help and inputs in setting up Change Reqest Management in Solution Manager 3.2. I have gone through all the documentation and RKT learning maps, but still there are some unanswered questions, can you help me with it?

    Also, is it a good idea to upgrade SM 3.2 to SM 4.0, if so, what are the advantages?

    Anil Santhapuri

  • Hi Evan.

    I was considering upgrading from version 3.2 to 4.0 but reading the manuals and all the sap notes related to the process I am in doubt if it is really worth the time for my particular case.

    What I need to know is what are Solman 4.0 new features regarding to SAP XI. For example: Is it possible to transport the objects created on the JAVA side from one environment to another?

    Thanks in advance for any reply.

  • Hi Evan.

    I was considering upgrading from version 3.2 to 4.0 but reading the manuals and all the sap notes related to the process I am in doubt if it is really worth the time for my particular case.

    What I need to know is what are Solman 4.0 new features regarding to SAP XI. For example: Is it possible to transport the objects created on the JAVA side from one environment to another?

    Thanks in advance for any reply.

  • Hi Evan.

    We are looking for a Demo version of SolMan that can be installed on 4.6c. Is such a demo exist?

    Another question I have is if Sol-Man 4.0 can run on 4.6c?

    I guess these questions are answered in the Sol-Man home-page if such exist, so if you can direct me there it will be great.

    Ayal Telem.

  • Hi Evan,
    We're implamenting Solman 4.0 and we are interested in the Change Request Management ("CHARM" I believe) functionality for transport management on both the ABAP and JAVA stacks.  Can you help, and point me in the right direction?

    Mark Nielsen
    Mass Mutual SAP Basis Support

  • Can one configure the Change Request Management ("ChaRM") scenario for a new NetWeaver implementation project (e.g., SRM 6.0), yet continue to move all R/3  transports through STMS in multiple 4.6x/4.7 productive landscapes?

    There could be development objects that will need to move up through both the SRM and R/3 landscapes, so what is the downside to adopting a phased-in approach to implementing ChaRM within productive R/3 landscapes? 


    -- Dan M

  • Hi,
    I got lot of pdf docs and some presentations related to implementing CHARM (Change Request Management) in Solution Manager 4.0 SP12. We are in SP12. I would like to know is there any sort of doc available in sap site or if you can provide one, like how to explain the usage of CHARM concept in layman terms instead of showing too technical docs to the management team before actually configuring it.


    • Hi,

      Can anybody tell me how to setup STMS  for Charms demo, i have an IDES ERP sattelite system  and a Soltuion manager system with SP 17, in satellite system system i have made three clients 500(dev), 600(Qua) and 800(Prod) ...Now i want to setup a transport route and start up with charms setup. Can anybody tell me what to do in this scenario ? Please provide information from the i am beginner.

  • Hi Evan,

    I have been into active Solution Manager consulting for a few years now - more on the Implementation & Upgrade scenario.

    I have been a strong advocate of using Template based Implementation projects, in many places and have led clients successfully, to embrace this.

    However, there are occasions when I have some doubts about the roadmap SAP has for this functionality.

    Can you please share your insights into what SAP has planned for:

    1) Global Template projects
    2) Customizing Synchronization & Distribution

    Warm regards,