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If Yan can Cook… Yan Could Code… (SAP NWDI Part I)

If Yan can Cook… Yan Could Code… (SAP NWDI Part I) Part I – Introduction: Yan and the perfect slice of Pizza So if you grew up in the USA and you are between the ages of 20-60 chances are you know or remember the cooking show “Yan can Cook”. It was years before the FOODTV channel got popular. Martin Yan had a great slogan and sell line too… “If Yan can Cook… So can you”. Looking back now I learned a lot from Yan. Not just cooking mind you but how to approach many things in life. Not only did Yan teach me how to make a proper meal in a time in my life where I thought that a proper meal was a corner slice of Sicilian from Joe’s Pizza on Carmine and Bleecker but Yan taught me how to use the ingredients and cooking utensils that I had in my small studio apartment in NYC. I now, after years of coding, systems work and onsite trouble shooting understand exactly what he was getting at so long ago on his cable show. Yan, if he were a coder would be an open source kind of guy. Give him a text editor, a working OS and tell him what to do and when you come back he will have built the Portal that your company had been envisioning for years. Yet I bet that if he had SAP NWDI and SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio that he could rock the WebDynpro world with his viewpoint on coding. He taught me to have an open mind about cooking and food which in turn made me a better coder and systems trouble shooter. Yan also taught me about re-usability within my kitchen, kitchen tools and even the ingredients that I was using from day to day. He was clean and efficient. Yan did not over think things and he certainly did not hide behind his certifications and awards. In my mind he is sort of the anti Alton Brown. Sure Alton knows what he is doing in his doctor coat, welding goggles and surgical gloves but the guy has a white paper for everything and I bet that he would never be able ever understand a product that was so usable right out of the box. Heck I bet Alton has certifications from every major vendor out there and is very willing and ready to show them to you; not that there is anything wrong with that mind you. Yan on the other hand is a doer/creator and has shown us in the culinary world that anyone is capable of great achievements with excellent results and I bet he also has the certifications that that goggled guy does too. This is why open source is so powerful. Imagine what old Yan could do with a WebDynpro application or Visual Composer? The sky is the limit with all the various possibilities. You see, SAP NWDI (NetWeaver Developer Infrastructure) in my mind is similar to what Yan was trying to get us all to do back in the day on his cable TV show. Use the tools that are available to us and promote re-usability again and again. SAP has adopted JAVA and J2EE for just the above reasons. They are powerful open source environments/toolsets that the industry has embraced as standards. SAP has built toolsets and plugins into such products like Eclipse for their SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and wrapped coding functionality such as SAP WebDynpro technology into it. All of this in an environment where re-usability, functionality and ease of use is the key to our success as well as showing how we (SAP) have taken this humble open source to the next level of functionality and use. Throughout this blog series I will a take very different look at the various parts of SAP NWDI. I will compare and contrast Development Objects, Development Components, Software Components and JAVA transports from some very different perspectives. Continued: Part II – Food Courts, Recipes/Planning and the Swedish Chef Syndrome

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Scott,

      Great start to this series. Really looking forward to it.


      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Hi Scott,
      So you grew up or lived for a while in the village. Nice.
      Just if someone is interested where Joe’s Pizza on Carmine and Bleecker is. Actually it turns out they moved, but you still can get a slice there. Didn't know that the CBGBs is in trouble, once saw the Tom Tom Club there. But I guess I am getting off topic.
      Great start and looking forward to the new flavors whipped up by you using the NetWeaver/Open Source ingredients.
      Happy New Year to all SDNers out there, Mark.
      Author's profile photo Scott Braker
      Scott Braker
      Blog Post Author

      I grew up there and went to grade school right down the street at PS 3 over on Hudson Street. Joes is right down the street at 7 Carmine.

      Didn't realize that they moved.

      Author's profile photo Marc Liesner
      Marc Liesner
      You're spot on regarding the difference between Martin Yan and Alton Brown... and it's the perfect analogy between praticality, creative approaches to problem solving, and "here's my massive inventory of knowledge and I want to Lord it over you", and just putting on display.  Yan would think Alton smart (and he is), very learned (indeed), and facinating, but rather self-important, and not very inspirational.  And, I've seen these two "types" in the developer world.  Those that tend to front with all of the terminology and alphabet soup, but it's superficial if none of the dots can be connected. 

      In short I enjoyed it! (besides, I think Alton is a little too hard on people that eat oatmeal and don't boil water using an electric kettle... but that's just me).