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h3. Testing custom RF transactions using SAP console  RF transaction screens will be developed based on the RF Device screen size. After developing the transaction we can test it from SAP as we test a regular transaction, however the testing environment will differ from real time. Real time testing simulation can be achieved using SAP console.  The following screen shots will show how to use the SAP console for SAP GUI version 6.40.  h3. Step – 1  ** Select control panel from Start menu. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel **   h3. Step – 2  0.1.   0.2. Select ‘SAPConsole Administrator’ from Control Panel 0.3.   h3. Step – 3  0.1.   0.2. Select System Description from the drop down (Drop down list will be populated based on your SAP logon pad) 0.3.   0.4. Enter the transaction code to be tested in Transaction Code 0.5.   0.6. Check SAPLogon Selection check box 0.7.   Select General tab  0.1.   0.2. Check ‘Truncate Unused Lines’ and ‘permit multiple logon’ check boxes 0.3.   0.4. Enter RF transaction screen size in ‘Rows’ and ‘Columns’ fields 0.5.   0.6. Enter the Trace Level, this is for log records 0.7.   0.8. Enter Trace Filename, to hold log record 0.9.   Leave the default values in the remaining TABS.  h3. Step – 4  0.1.   0.2. In the command prompt specify sapcnsl.exe and press OK 0.3.   h3. Step – 5  0.1.   0.2. Specify username and password and press enter 0.3.    0.4. The following is the simulated output similar to the screen shown on the RF Device 0.5.
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  1. Arnoud van Heerde
    Hi Kiran,

    By any chance do you happen to know under what kind of circumstance “connection lost…” message will appear when testing custom RF transactions the way you describe above?


  2. Former Member
    your blog on installation of SAPConsole was very helpful to me. i followed all the ur steps in blog, but when i run sapcnsl.exe screen is shown for few minutes only and then it disappears, may i know why this happening and also, what is this transaction code-ZBC425 in ur blog..

       help me as i am very new to this concept..



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