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As you already know, SAP’s current job scheduling is more focused on the ABAP stack (the CCMS scheduling transactions SM36 & SM37) with not much support for scheduling cross-component scheduling. With the growing need to have a common and central tool to schedule and monitor jobs of all NetWeaver based SAP applications, SAP has joined hands with Redwood. SAP has an OEM agreement to integrate Redwood’s Cronacle under the OEM name of ‘Job Scheduling capabilities of SAP NetWeaver’.


Here are some of the benefits that customers get with this new scheduling tool.

  • The entire ABAP system landscape can be scheduled with a single scheduler instance
  • Single point of Administration, managing and monitoring for all scheduled processes
  • All ABAP releases >= 3.x can be scheduled from a central place
  • Integration of cross-system automation to reduce the complexity and of operations and control
  • Integrated into CCMS monitoring infrastructure & SAP Solution manager enables easier problem analysis and monitoring, and
  • Available to NetWeaver licensed customers for no additional charge


The ‘Job Scheduling capabilities of SAP NetWeaver’ is available as of SAP NetWeaver 2004 SP12. But technically, customers don’t have to be in SP12 to download and use the scheduler. As mentioned above, this is available to NetWeaver licensed customers for no additional charge. But, certain limitations apply on the usage of the free OEM product. Scheduling ABAP programs (SAP-supplied and customer-developed) for the entire landscape is covered under ‘free OEM license’. For scheduling OS commands and third-party applications, etc. the customer should get an ‘upsell’ license. The pre-requite for using the scheduler is that the customer must have (i) NetWeaver license, and (ii) Oracle run-time license.


The new NetWeaver scheduler Architecture

The main component of the scheduler is comprised of the Job Repository and the Process Server. Currently Oracle database is used as the Job Repository, and the Process Server is a C-based process running on the host. The UI ‘Redwood Explorer’ is a thick client with extensive functionality for both administrators and users. There is also a web browser-based UI available, which can be integrated into the SAP NW Portal as an iView. The Process Server is responsible for all the back-end system connectivity and execution. The XBP and BW-SCH interfaces are used for scheduling programs in ABAP stacks.

Redwood Explorer UI

Future plans

As you might have noticed the scheduler, which is an OEM product from Redwood, doesn’t currently support all databases that the SAP NW App Server would as per the Product Availability Matrix (PAM). This is going to change in the near future.

Currently SAP is currently co-developing with Redwood team, improve and integrate this solution directly into the SAP NetWeaver App Server. You can expect this integration mainly in three areas: (1) Server (2) UI (3) New Interfaces. The Server integration will enable any SAP NetWeaver database to be used as the job repository. The Process Server will be a Java based process running on the application server. Both the job repository and process server will be available as per the PAM. Scheduling Java programs will also be available as part of the OEM license. A new Web Dynpro based UI will be developed and it will be made available as a plug-in for SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA). New certifiable interface JXBP will be delivered for scheduling Java programs, which can be used by third-party schedulers and partners similar to the XBP interface.

What next?

If you are a NetWeaver licensed customer, you can download the scheduler from service marketplace and start using it today for free of charge! The download link with a quick install guide and documentation can be found at For more details about this new scheduler, you can send an email to or contact Christoph Nake ( or me (

Please note that the future plans highlighted in this document are subject to change and may be changed by SAP at any time without notice. The document is not intended to be binding upon SAP to any particular course of business, product strategy and/or development.

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  1. Former Member
    Hello, this seems interesting. Will it be possible to do a cenário like this:
    1) Schedule R/3 Setup jobs (for the BW Inicialisations);
    2) automaticaly trigger the BW INIT jobs as Process Chains…

    This would be a very nice feature!

    1. Yes of course, you can certainly do that.  And then, monitor these steps from this scheduler (including results of the sub steps within the Process Chain).

      The scheduler uses BW-SCH interface to trigger and monitor BI Process Chains.

  2. Sergio Ferrari
    Hello, thanks for the weblog.
    Id like to know more about the pre-requite “for using the scheduler is that the customer must have (i) NetWeaver license, and (ii) Oracle run-time license”.
    What about customers running NetWeaver on other RDBMS (MaxDB, SQL Server, DB2)?
    bye sergio
    1. Hi Sergio,
      Currently the sripts and schedule trigger details are stored in the form of ‘Stored procedures’ in the database.  That’s why Oracle is the only database that is supported now.

      As you can see in the blog under ‘Future plans’, a more tightly integrated solution is under development (combined effort both by SAP & Redwood) that will be available sometime in the middle of this year (date not yet known).  Once that is available, any database supported by SAP NetWeaver App Server (as stated in Product Availability Matrix – PAM can be used for the scheduler (it will be the Java Schema of J2EE engine)

  3. Former Member
    1) How does the version management is handled in Cronacle.I could not find any information in the documentation supplied by Redwood. My typical requirement is to do version management of

    2) How do we can have a three tier Architecture with this tool. Do we have anything like Transport Mechanism of SAP in this tool to send developments from Dev box to Production.

    3)What i understand from the installation guides of Cronacle is we can have one process server per SAP Box. In the typical scenario where we have different boxes for Development,Quality and Production, there we need to have three different installations of this tool. And, for instance if i develop a jobchain in the Dev box how will i propagate it to production box as all the definitions are stored in ORACLE repository as SCRIPTs.

    Thanks in advance for answering this( i know the list is too long :-)}

    1. Hi Praveen,
      I guess the answers to your questions need more space than here.  Could you please send me your contact details through email at and I can have follow up call with you to answer your questions.

      I guess I somehow missed your question.  Sorry for the delay.

    2. Former Member

      I would like to know the solution for the above questions. I am facing the same problems and am wondering what the solution is. Again I could not find any documentation for it by Redwood.


  4. Former Member
    Hello Venkat,
    Thanks for this blog. It is really nice to know what’s coming down the road. You mention in your future plans “…New certifiable interface JXBP will be delivered for scheduling Java programs, which can be used by third-party schedulers and partners similar to the XBP interface….” Is there currently anyway to schedule a Java program on the J2EE stack and monitor it like we do using SM36/SM37 on the ABAP stack? Thank you.

    Best regards, Anjan

    1. Hi Anjan,
      An ‘integrated java scheduler’, similar to the SM36 functionality of ABAP, is currently being developed as part of the J2EE stack.  This will be available as part of the next major release of SAP NetWeaver.

      Using this built-in scheduler, you will be able to schedule java programs.

      Till then I guess you will have to use the ‘SAP Central Job Scheduling by Redwood’ for this purpose (the ‘Integrated SCJSbR’ is scheduled to be released by the end of this year).


      1. Former Member
        You don’t have to use ‘SAP Central Job Scheduling by Redwood’, there are also other certified Schedulers available right now which provide Java scheduling capabilities for SAP NW 04 and 04s.
        For example UC4 (


  5. Former Member
    You said that Job scheduling for JAVA will be available soon in the next major version of the WAS.

    Is it available now in new version?
    If yes then in which version it is available?

    1. Hi Bhavik,
      The Java Scheduler is available as part of the Java EE 5 preview download.  You can find the details here: SAP NetWeaver Scheduler for Java

      The Java Scheduler is not yet available for productive use – it is scheduled for the next major release of SAP NetWeaver.


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