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What the weblog is all about..

This being my first, I was a little apprehensive about posting a weblog on a subject whose charm is wearing by the day, being replaced with a more smart and robust counterpart. Yes, I am talking about EP 5.0 and its successor, the fascinating Enterprise Portal 6.0.

My first encounter with EP 5.0 left me with experiences that I cannot help but share with potential victims out there who may have to end up working with it at some point of time. And if I am right, then even as you are reading this, there is currently some unfortunate person struggling to get through EP 5.0 installation. With that in mind I have decided to post this weblog, a compilation of most of the SAP Notes that help you find solutions for most of the problems during the course of the installation.

My encounter with EP 5.0..

Enterprise Portal 6.0 has been my passion ever since the time I started working on it; for about a year and half now. I would have installed EP 6.0 at least 10 times over that period. And I am talking about Pre-SR1 installation here. People who have had the misfortune to carry it out would recollect how cumbersome a process it is.

So when I was assigned with the task of installing EP 5.0 for executing a migration project, I figured it was going to be a piece of cake. If I could install EP 6.0 Pre-SR1, so could I install EP 5.0. And to my relief it did turn out to be easy.

But my delighted heart sank the minute I saw the results of my effort; the Portal page with only the Top level navigation visible. I was sure that I had followed the installation procedure exactly as mentioned in the installation guide. Yet here was my Portal that wouldn’t give me as much as a glimpse of how it actually looked. That was the just the beginning.

What followed was a serial installation procedure as the Portal gave a new error every time that it was installed. Once it would appear in its full glory but then it wouldn’t allow to so much as create a new user on it. It seemed like there was always something that kept me from accomplishing my task.

The rescuers ..

The miserable failures set me on a searching spree. I started looking out for solutions on SDN, Service Marketplace, SAP Documentation, so on and so forth. I saw that I was not alone in my mission. There were a handful of queries on SDN seeking a solution for exactly the same kind of problems that I was facing with my Portal installation. And the replies would always contain references to an SAP Note that provided the solution. I faithfully followed all those replies and at the end of the day, I had to create a new folder containing all those notes on my machine.

But these notes (as the title suggests) were the ones that resurrected my EP 5.0 server from its doomed state. It then struck me that I could do others too a favor to save them from the horrific experience of searching. Give them the key to finding solutions to their problems. What else could be a more profitable way of doing it than posting it as weblog?

I finally made up my mind and created a list of all the SAP Notes that helped solve problems during my mission; which happens to the one given below

  • 499665 – EP 5.0 Zero Pointer Exception during License Check
  • 509590 – EP 5.0 Protecting the Portal against Unauthorized Access
  • 526760 – Enterprise Portal 5.0 with SAP J2EE Engine 6.20
  • 534344 – EP 5.0 SP4 Upgrading overwrites SSL configuration file
  • 556376 – 5.0 File LASVerify.pse on C drive
  • 561541 – overwritten
  • 568278 – SAPJ2EE ISAPI module Manual upgrade
  • 578554 – SAP J2EE ISAPI module Release notes and known issues
  • 579564 – How to synchronize the security ticket between portals
  • 588274 – Password restore utility
  • 588348 – EP 5.0 Failed to Create SSO Cookie Error
  • 627637 – EP 5.0 SP5 No Top Level Navigation after First Logon
  • 634691 – Central Note for Page cannot be or wrongly displayed
  • 645526 – Security Hole in Top Level Navigation
  • 649754 – Central Note Enterprise Portal 5.0 SP6 Installation
  • 649756 – Central Note – Upgrading Enterprise Portal 5.0 SP5 to SP6
  • 651990 – EP 5.0 Invalid User Management Configuration
  • 660622 – SAPJ2EE ISAPI module maintenance and support
  • 662316 – Problems with bad Tickets
  • 673279 – Central Note for EP 5.0 SP 5 Patch 3 Hotfixes
  • 681545 – Central Note for EP 5.0 SP 6 Hotfixes
  • 738921 – Installation and Upgrade Information – J2EE Engine 6.20
  • 742370 – EP 5.0 SP6 Top Level Navigation 1st level Tab Divider Missing
  • 754136 – Physical connections to the back-end system remain open

With all said and done, what really mattered to me was that I was finally able to get my EP 5.0 up and running, though I had to pay a heavy price for it, spending hours of my time looking for the right solution. The solution is all there on SDN, Service Marketplace and SAP Documentation site. What is trying is finding them at the right place and at the right moment.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Priya,
             I am presently working on one upgrade project & your weblog is really very useful. As I found very few ppl. are interested in answering the questions related to EP 5.0 on SDN , I believe your weblog will encourage all.
    Wish you Good Luck…
    Keep it up…..


    1. Thanks Sunil. Its always encouraging to get a positive feedback from people who are actually working on the subject. From what I infer, there are very few people who have specialized in EP 5.0. That could probably explain why we have such a poor response for questions based on EP 5.0. Well thanks once again for the feedback.



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