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This blog   lists out the detailed steps to monitor the performance of a specific scenario. The blog   talks about assigning threshold values (allowed time for execution) and monitoring alerts   that are triggered when the actual time for executing the scenario exceeds above or falls   below the threshold values which we set as the bench mark.                     



I   start with two assumptions.                     


CCMS is configured in the XI system.                     


The MTE is configured for monitoring the performance of the specific scenario   (can be a simple file to file) in the CCMS of the XI system. If not you can configure that   by referring to “Configuring scenario specific E-mail alerts in XI-CCMS: Part-1”.                       


Setting the Threshold value above or   below which alert has to be triggered:                     


Execute transaction code: RZ20                     


Click on the monitoring set which we configured for XI.                     


Click on Exchange Infrastructure.                     




When the scenario is normal, it will be displayed in green.                     






In this screen , the threshold values for green , yellow and red can be assigned. Here   when the execution time of the scenario exceeds 1.000 msec the green turn into yellow. When   the execution time exceeds 1.500 msec, the yellow turn red and the alert is triggered when   the color changes to red.                     




Processing time is 7141 msec that is greater than the threshold so the color changed to   red. As a result an alert occurs.                     




For detailed analysis choose display details option(Shift F6).The next part will be   triggering Email when alert occurs thereby informing the recipients about the alert which   has occurred in the scenario.                     




In addition to this there are many features that CCMS provides for detailed analysis. So   the next part will be triggering E-mails when alert occurs.                     

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      If I would like to set up an email alert when the target system is not responding(System is down), how do I achieve it?


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    Hereby I want to thank you for your Blog. It was very useful to me.
    I had a question though. When I reduce the time I see my process becomes red but there is no Alert triggering. Any suggestion where to look?

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