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This being my first time as a member of the SDN team and it being the end of 2005 and all of that I thought why not close out the year with a SDN POINTS BLOW OUT!!

So what is this SDN POINTS BLOW OUT!!, well it’s simple, it’s a holiday season (not everywhere in the world) but it is for me and sicne I grew up being taught it’s better to give than to receive I decided well let’s do that now on SDN!

Now a couple of days ago one of SDN’s own 10kers, Eddy De Clercq posted a blog talking about Blank Canvas and well it inspired me to come up with this little contest!

Now the contest is simple AND not so simple. Here are the rules:

  • Eligble: ALL SDNers expect the SDN Team itself.
  • Deadline: December 31, 2005 at 23:59 Pacific Standard Time (California Time).
  • Submissions: Emails to Craig Cmehil or weblogs here on SDN

So what do you submit and what do you win? Well first let me tell you how the points work.

  • All “qualified” Submissions = 100 Points (this means you sumitted something that actually works)
  • Weblog = 40 to 120 Points
  • Technical Article = 120 Points
  • How To/Tutorial = 200 Points
  • SDN TV Submission = 300 Points

The winner will recieve a 128 MB USB/MP3 Stick and an additional 100 Points.

So for example, John submits a How To guide per email to Craig Cmehil and he happens to also win. He now has 100 + 200 + 100 + USB/MP3 Stick. How is that for an SDN POINTS BLOW OUT!!

Now of course the reason the points are so high is because you don’t have a lot of time, in fact time is counting down already!

OK, so what is it you have to do? Well using either ABAP, ABAP/BSP, EP/KM or PHP you have to create a small application using the technology Eddy has shared with us., The application should store the data and retreive the data in SAP, the data drawn onto the canvas. The more elaborate the application the better your chances of winning are, even better if you can create an application that allows more than one person to work at the same time!


Quite a few people have asked me how they are going to draw on the canvas and save it, now I didn’t exactly saw it was the “whiteboard” drawing you have to say. Check out the links Eddy gave and see some of the examples!

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  1. Thomas Jung
    People may have a hard time completing all the aspects of this challenge, particularly:
    >The application should store the data and retreive the data in SAP, the data drawn onto the canvas

    I wanted to try and build an image red-lining tool for collabrative engineering and design.  However my research has not gone well on a way to extract the current canvas data. 

    Mozilla bug report 291218 talks about a future implementation of a toDataURL method for canvas, but it doesn’t exist yet.

    There is also a related security issue: 293244

    If anyone else has found a way around this, it would be very good to start there with a weblog.

  2. Former Member
    i have worked on abap,i want to learn abap web-dynpro,i got some material from i dont know how to prepare this one.can u tell me.

    with Regards,
    Srinivasa Rao


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