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  1. Sravya Talanki
    All we are trying to tell is that we cant get away with ABAP when dealing with XI.
    I request you to remove my name from the weblog as it is giving a wrong perspective which I have not given.
    You cannot publish my name and write your comments or what ever you feel.
    Otherwise I need to inform criag about it.
    1. Sravya,

      >> The thread also made many friends like ..

      Why should it give a wrong prespective?
      I am not mentioning what you had posted. I am just mentioning that you had participated. I am also unable to find any of your contact information in your BC.

      Also, I had already seeked permission from the thread author and submitted to Craig and also requested to share the points for all the SDN Contributors mentioned in the blog above.

      I will certainly remove your name if you don’t like to mention it in the blog. Just send a mail offline and I will cetainly remove your name 🙂

      Best Regards,

        1. Sravya Talanki
          >>Please, I don’t want anyone to more towards any language just because they are more towards it.

          Iam from a telecom domain and moved into SAP domain and I have a passion towards different technologies and obiviously I cannot work in different competencies if am biased..:)

          1. Changed.

            [Please, I don’t want anyone to go more peronally towards any language just because they are more towards it.]


            1. Alessandro Guarneri
              Felix and Sravya,
              It’s really funny to see you SND Monsters debating on ABAP good / Java bad and viceversa (please allow this simplification, I know it’s far more complicated!). I think this the natural evolution of SAP’ers, starting when SAP decided to get married to Java.
              I started with Clipper, than moved to Delphi, and finally came on SAP with ABAP (1999). At the same time I heard big buzz about Java, so searched for tutorials and learned the basics. Now I am “seriously” using Java for mapping, adapter modules and I’m looking forward to write my own XI Adapter on my next project. And I am enjoying a lot.
              Both ABAP and Java are great languages, accomplishing diferrent tasks. And, as I said elsewhere, to be a NetWeaver guy (and thus an XI’er) you’ll need both. No way to be a complete adult SAP man lacking one of them.


        2. Removed 🙂
          But please understand that all the links are from SAP and what SAP has to tell. They are not my views.

    2. Community User Post author
      Sravya, I’m sorry that this little mistake has taken place. I take responsibility as I encouraged the blog to be posted, especially when I was under the impression that all parties involved were OK with it as well it being a guide for newbies to XI.

      I have spoken to Felix, rest assured his intentions were simply to show those who helped to guide new comers nothing more. That, you due quite well and this in no way implies otherwise!

      It’s often here on SDN we have topics which cause a rather “heated” discussion and often we try to harass those discussions into meaningful and helpful blogs to help guide others.

      Perhaps what is missing from this weblog is simply the fact that XI is there and both ABAP and Java are available!

      Craig Cmehil
      SDN Community Evangelist

      1. Sravya Talanki
        Hi Craig,

        As far as the info is useful for someone then it is worth putting it.
        But if you ask me I donot feel the need for it as the forum itself suffices.
        And everyone in the forum tries to explain having ABAP will be a plus for any  other SAP products  and someone gives a false notion that people are language biased.
        I have been in SAP XI implementation project where sap and non-sap(non abap + non J2EE) integration architects have worked and really the composition works wonderful .
        It is a mutual learning but cannot say XI is “95% JAVA and 5% ABAP”.It all started there and I didnot feel the thread is that useful as it is just a heating debate.

        1. Craig,

          I never said XI is 95% JAVA and 5% ABAP. What I said is, from a XI development prespective, anyone will end up coding 95% JAVA and only 5% ABAP!
          I always accepted SAP knowledge will be a plus, but ABAP coding knowledge is not at all necessary for XI.


          1. I am also eager to see your blog, mainly to see the role of a ABAP consultant 🙂

            But, what is your answer to SAP’s prerequisites for XI, which doesn’t mention ABAP coding knowledge at all! But clearly mentions the need for Java programming knowledge.

  2. Flex : Please dont write based on personal preferences towards language. One cannot be said an XI expert with out knowing ABAp. ABAP is an integral part of SAP. no product of SAP can be mastered with out knowing ABAP. Knowing ABAP is definetly a big plus. I personally dont feel an integration solution like XI has to depend on any language or such bussiness specific logic should recide in XI. Minimal use of such design options are storngly encouraged to minimize mantenaince and support cost.
    If the blog is information for about XI, then it should talk about the importance of ABAP. Coming from a highly diverse world of Java/.NET/ABAP i personally feel its a must to know ABAP. Especially knowing that most of the administration runs of ABAP stack, tricks of ABAP have so far been very benificial for me.

    Sraya: I have always enjoyed reading ur articles. To try to bring out the best of ABAP for those who are challenged in such skills.

    Both of you are very authors and please make sure ones opinions are not driven by personal preference. There are many people on the forums who depend on ur expert opinion. Lets not give them wrong ideas.

    Flex keep up the good work!!



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