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Web Dynpro is SAP’s development environment for creating professional web user interfaces for business applications. Its model-driven approach minimizes manual coding and uses visual tools to design and reuse UI components. Web Dynpro is based on a powerful and flexible Model-View-Controller architecture that ensures a clear separation of user interfaces and back-end services. Developers have full control of the generated code at all stages of the development process.

Sounds familiar? It sure does, you’ve heard this dozens of times already. However, with SAP NetWeaver 2004s Web Dynpro will also be available on the ABAP stack, to complement the already shipping Web Dynpro Java. Effectively, the single Web Dynpro programming model is now available in two flavours!

Already the NW2004s rampup is full swing, allowing some customers direct access to Web Dynpro ABAP (WDA). Some had a small taste of the upcoming Web Dynpro from the TechEd hands-on sessions. So as to not keep you in suspense any longer, we have decided to make Web Dynpro ABAP also available via a sneak preview (on the download page). Please note that the size of the download is approx. 1.5 GB. Installation is easy, so it is well worth the fun that will follow!

Within SDN, we will use the Web Dynpro forum to support both our Java and ABAP flavours. (Depending on how it goes, we can later decide to still split the forums in two.) The forum will now be monitored by the ABAP colleagues as well, and we hope that the presence of the extra ABAP knowledge will also be a benefit for those colleagues using Web Dynpro Java. (What we would recommend, is for those questions that are rather platform specific, to just prefix the subject line with WDJ: or WDA:). Over the next weeks, we will push out a number of weblogs on WDA, and will also update the community page with references to documentation and articles.

Some interesting Web Dynpro links:

Real (and perceived:) bugs such please be reported via OSS, using queue BC-WD-ABA (for WDA) and queue BC-WD-JAV (for WDJ).

We hope that you have as much fun developing new applications, as we had in developing the development environment!

The Web Dynpro Team

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  1. Peter Inotai
    > we have decided to make Web Dynpro ABAP also available via a sneak preview (on the download page).
    Thanks a lot for this Christmas gift, it’s really great that WebDynpro ABAP and the new ABAP editor/debugger are available. Thanks also for the available tutorials in the WebDynpro ABAP topic.

    Peter Inotai

  2. This is quite exciting to see.  I have one question that I’m sure is on the collective mind of most long-time SAP developers:

    Which Web Dynpro flavor will SAP use for its own internal development now that Web Dynpro ABAP is live?

    Best Regards,
    James Gaddis


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