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As a Product Manager for Knowledge Management, I often get asked questions on how a certain feature or functionality works within Knowledge Management. I thought I would address a question I recently received.

Question: We want to be able to manually order folders or documents within a folder. Is this possible?
Answer: Yes! Manual ordering of documents or folders is possible via the standard delivered system for Knowledge Management.

Here are the steps:
1)Activating Manual Ordering – Access the details screen for a folder within your repository. In this example we are using the documents folder with the standard delivered documents repository.

Within the details screen select Settings -> Manual Ordering.


Select the “Enable Manual Ordering” option.


The Order command is now available within the context or menu of the subfolders fpr the documents folder. The options available are Top, Up, Down or Bottom. In this example, Up is selected.

Note: The commands Order, Top, Up, Down and Bottom are displayed only if manual ordering is active for the folder.
The command group for manual ordering is part of the configuration of the flexible user interface. In the standard delivered system, this command group for manual ordering is available in iViews for administrators and content managers.


The Public Documents folder is displayed in its new position. When the documents repository is now open via the Explorer iView, the Public Documents folder is displayed in the order it was manually defined.

Note: If the configuration of the user interface supports it, every user can choose another sort order, such as by name or modification date. For more information, please see the help documentation at -> Documentation -> NetWeaver.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Joy,

    Infact we just neglect and postpone to know the things everytime we see a ODD word.I usually ignored the Manual ordering feature which appears in the context menu.But now the purpose of that is clear.

    Please tell me ” How to enable SIZE of the folder to appear in the explorer iView ? “

    Thanks & Regards,
    Joshua Kiran

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Joshua,
      Please see the below forum post. It looks like this is what you are looking for. Also, for more information see the documentation on properties and the user interface.

      In Knowledge Management & Collaboration: show folder size or total no. of documents in folder in KM…Urgent
      /message/1178099#1178099 [original link is broken]



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