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In the exercise of transporting RFC objects from Dev to QA servers using file transport, we have noticed that there are some structure inconsistencies for few RFC objects. I have noticed that when we transport the RFC objects using table types from Dev to QA the table types does not get transported automatically.

A picture is worth 100 words”. I will illustrate the phenomena graphically. I have created a function module that triggers mails and it uses table types as shown below.
Mail Multi Attach
Snapshot of RFC structure in Dev Server:
I chose the Imported Objects option using Tools->Export Objects in the Dev server that transports the RFC objects to the import directory of the QA server as shown below.
Export at Namespace
We can find the RFC structure after importing the file using Tools->Import Objects.
Snapshot of RFC structure in the QA Server:
After observing both the structures closely we can see the discrepancy in the item structure between Dev and QA.

However, this is not a showstopper as we can transport the objects using individual objects and selecting table types explicitly as shown below. After this exercise we can see that RFC structure does not have any inconsistencies.
Transport Individual Objects
Note: This doesn’t happen when we transport the XI Objects at the SWCV level but this happens when we transport at the namespace level. In real time we do chose transport at the namespace level rather than SWCV level for several other benefits.

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