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This blog will give a step by step procedure for setting up outbound/inbound queuing in sender, receiver and XI system for IDOCs with the serialization techniques and IDOC monitoring.


Even though I could find blogs related to Idoc to file, Idoc to Idoc scenarios I could not able to see the sequencing steps for queuing idocs in different ways like

1. Queuing/serializing in the sender side

2. Queuing/serializing in the receiver side

3. Queuing/serializing in the XI

Steps in sender side

  • Maintain outbound parameters of the partner profile for enabling qRFC processing
  • Register the destination in QOUT scheduler (SMQS) and make it as active

Select the queue from WEOUTQUEUE transaction and start the queue processing; now you can see that your XI starts receiving the Idocs.


You could monitor all the Idocs in Queue through SMQ1.Activate the log and select your criteria for viewing the log.

But you can start with WE02/WE05 transactions for checking the Idocs and then view the log incase if you need the trace.The status in outbox for the idoc will remain as yellow until you clear that idoc from the queue

In case of error, if your queue gets blocked, you could update the status by running a report in abap editor or you can start the queue manually.


The serialization can also happen at both the ends (sender/Receiver) depending on the need by message type or by Idoc type.

You can have a clear ‘To-do’ from the following link by Sridhar Rajan Natarajan.

Setting up inbound qRFC queues for serializing IDocs using the IDoc Adapter where the serialization is done by message type.

Queuing in XI and receiver side

The queuing in the XI side could be done by

1. Using QRFC

2. Using BPM

For QRFC, the similar procedure which we did for sender has to be done but since the direction is inbound here in XI system/Receiver system we should register the queue in SMQR transaction and monitor the same in SMQ2

In BPM,collect the idocs all together by having a collect step and finally post or send them by triggering an event.

Using BPM to collect the Idocs posed lot of discussions, for much clarity about the topic you can view the following thread

Re: 500.000-1000000 IDOCs per day via XI?

Hope this blog would provide the needed hints for using QRFC and Serialization for Idocs.

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