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(Re)Installing Sneak Preview Made Easy – Part 1

In the “WAS Preview Installation Forum” regularly I see fellow SDNers posting queries about how to trouble shoot the Sneak Preview java edition installation. Or in some post I see “Phase 18/29” hangs up for a long time and it is not moving forward at all for hours. Even when I installed the Sneak Preview I too faced serious problems earlier. So I thought of sharing my practical experiences on this that would definitely help someone in future.

Reasons for Installation Failures


The scenarios which drives/forces us for reinstallation are:-

1.In MMC jcontrol.exe is seen in yellow color means the J2EE engine does not comes up for long time.

2.When we look into developer trace of the jcontrol.exe by right clicking it it is showing a timed out error message.

3.The message server does not communicate with jcontrol.exe

4.If you get “Web dispatcher is running but no server is connected” -Error message.

The above points are some of the practical issues which I have encountered pratically during the installation of Sneak Preview. If any one else had faced some other problems do not forget to add it .

Having seen some of the reasons now lets focus on the solution part which makes a smooth install. That portion I will cover up in next weblog part in detail probably with screen shots. Watch out this space.

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  • 1.  When you want to install it on a drive other than your "C" drive, it refuses to do so unless you get hold of the right "control.xml" and do some tweaking there.

    2. You must be in 'Germany' time zone to make sure that all tables are created properly and data is loaded without fail.


    • Venkat,
             Thanks for pointing out.Well I was under assumption that all the pre-requestites (like German time zone)etc are met for the Sneak Preview Installation and my blog addresses how to trouble shoot there after.

              Anyway thanks for pointing out.

      • Most important please give something simple password to database users (for example "admin")

        Please Do not follow 2 upper 2 lower 2 numbers.. any of those rules. If you do so you will struck at step 11 "Database Instance Creation"

        All those rules will apply to only OS users 'nspadm' and 'SAPserviceNSP'