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I was invited by SAP to go to the TechSummit 2005 and make a little presentation about what we have done in our company, in order to see how SDN helps people in their developments. I was not the only one, some other SDN members where invited too. Each one was suppose to make his presentation. This was a great choice to know high level technical and generous people, but mainly this was a great choice to meet them. 

Top Contributors

John Mackin When I first knew John, he was already a Top SDN contributor. Firstly he used to answer my silly questions. Later, he used to answer my hard questions. Always useful answers.  He´s presentation was about XML Forms & UI Techniques. We saw how even SAP people didn’t know about tricks John explained. So, think about how other people feel. The issue about how to use B1´s standard images was great. This little words where all he had to say to make everyone speechless.   Using Standard Business One Images

  • Image resources contained in B1_Resource.dll
  • Resource ID’s can be directly used in XML forms
  • Provides consistency with standard screens
  • Automatically gain standard Image behaviour on buttons
    • OnMouseOver
    • OnMouseDown

Nice trick John!  Alexey Grebennikov Well, I didn´t know so much about him. “Must be Russian” was all I guess. Indeed he was, and younger than I expect. I suppose I would be the youngest with my 27 years. But both Alexey and Sebastien were younger… but very experienced too.  His speech was about instant messaging within B1. It was a very good example of what can be done within B1. I was surprised when I did know that the tool was created specially for the TechSummit. Quite a lot of stuff, which touch different issues as how to use UI-DI API, SBO_SP_TransactionNotification, MSMQ and UDO.  Look how cool it looks like:  image    I think with some little improvements (which Alexey pointed in his presentation), the tool will be a great new functionality for SBO.   Sébastien Danober Although Sébastien and I live about 50 km away, we had to travel 10000 km to firstly meet each other. After the TechSummit we really enjoy visiting San Francisco.  His presentation was about the TechDemo AddOn 2.0. The first version of the AddOn was created by Lutz Morrien, one of the first B1 experts and friend of mine, lucky me. It builds a great structure that simplifies and makes clear AddOns creation. It was created for the 6.5 version, and Sebastien made it work for 2005. He also add new functionality samples, and other cool stuff. Here you have picture with the AddOn’s main structure: image  Sebastien also present the benefits of using UDO against hard coding. Here there are the conclusions about it: UDO Forms

  • Object can be created without developing
  • No need to code the data transfer from the form to the table
  • All events are handled
  • Adding row in matrix must coded
  • Can’t be accessible from DI

Hard coding forms

  • All events must be handled
  • first, previous, next, last menu event
  • Load/Save data in matrix must be coded
  • Adding/deleting row in matrix must be coded
  • Matrix delete row event must be record to update database

Sebastien’s last words were about how to create Modal forms on B1. This question is asked once and again in the forums. He explained how to use the TechDemo AddOn structure to get it, both modal at form level, and at application level.  Just adding some properties to the form class, and then look for them when any form is opened makes the trick. But how useful really.


I hope this few lines make you feel hungry about the presentation. It is expected that this presentations will be available for download in the SDN soon. I´m really impatient about it too.  On another weblog I will speak about my presentation on the TechSummit. The SBO Form Generator, a tool for VS.Net.  Update: The TechSummit presentations are avaiable here Any comment is appreciated.  Ibai Peña

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