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This update, we’ve decided to do as a dialogue together. What we would like to hear from all of you is whether or not you like this style or the previous style or your thoughts in general?

This update:

  • Roberto Negro crosses the 10K line
  • New RFC and Complex types for parameters is up, double points from Mark
  • Serious topic, “Quote your Sources”. Mark and Craig speak about what it is and what you should be doing.
  • Call for suggestions, making more dialogue and conversations on SDN!
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  1. Thomas Jung
    I for one enjoyed the conversational style of this weeks Contributor’s Corner podcast.  It felt more entertaining and involving. 

    I find that I really like the podcast format for this type of less technical content.  I am able to listen to it while I work, as opposed to having to take extra time to focus on reading something. 

  2. Gregor Wolf
    Hi Craig, Hi Mark,

    I linke the dialogue mutch more than the monologue before. Please continue it. Nice to hear you both instead of just reading and writing.

    I also noticed that there are not many comments directly when you publish a weblog. But when people get to it by links in the forums or through the search, they have a deeper interrest and ask detailed questions about the content.


  3. Guys…this is great !!!
    As you know, for several reasons, I never was lucky enough to know you personally, so it’s really pleasant to hear you talking on my PC (especially Mark when, as a really Master of Ceremonies with his baritone voice, says “Roberto Negro”) !
    Maybe next time I will see you as an hologram…
    Again…great job !


  4. That’s more like it, having dialogues, discussions, more topics covered.

    Why not get some community members on the podcast as well, feature them and include them in your discussion, maybe 1 or 2 each episode. Doesn’t have to be a full interview like a Spotlight, just a quick introduction and then do the episode or parts of it with your “enhanced” team ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Former Member
    Thank you everyone for your comments!! We will definetely continue with this format!!

    Nice suggestions Max we actually talked about that last night!



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