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Most of us work on XI without a proxy server. Even in forum
posts, there are many answers requesting to remove proxy server settings for
working in XI. But, have anyone tried working XI through a proxy server. In my
previous blog, I clearly explained the challenge that has to be faced to work
XI through a proxy server in my first part of this blog series,
Integration Builders through proxy server (Part – 1)


There is a blog related to use Integration Builders without
proxy server by
in his blog [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] . Using xi without proxy is a normal
connection. But using XI server through a proxy server is something never tried
before. There are no weblogs / forum posts / articles / or
configuration guide for using XI through proxy server. Hence, I though of
sharing my small effort and experience on accessing xi server through a proxy

Settings on the Proxy Server

    • Enable listening on 8080 port for HTTP (80) port
    • Enable a pass through settings for port 443 to
    • Enable a pass through settings for port 50000 to
    • Enable a pass through settings for port 50004 to
    • Enable a pass through settings for port 50018 to
    • Enable a pass through settings for port 8000 to

I am running a proxy workbench server and here is the snap


Settings on Client side

Java Web Start

Make sure you don’t use any proxy in Java Web Start.



This will make any requests connect directly to server.

Java Plug-in Control panel



Java Plug-in Control panel please give the proxy server IP
and port 8080, the port in which the proxy server listens for HTTP.

Browser Settings



All requests from client go to proxy server and these
requests are redirected to xi server. This is a normal procedure with proxy
server. The key setting here is to use proxy server in Java Plug-in Control
panel. The main reason is that, login module doesn’t seem to use the proxy
settings in Java Web Start. If we use proxy in Java Web Start, the login module
tries to connect directly to the actual xi server using http. Hence we are
forced not to use proxy in Java Web Start and use proxy in Java Plug-in Control
panel. These settings will enable any direct connections from Java code to pass
through proxy and normal working environment without proxy (indirectly a pass
through proxy). This enables the total xi server environment to get replicated
on the proxy server.

All connects through proxy, but the settings are a round
about way which is totally different. You can also add ports sapgw00 (3600) and
other ports as pass through ports redirecting to xi server.

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  1. Former Member
    Hello Felix,
    In Part 1 of this blog you mentioned that the main problem is bypassing the direct connection that the authorization module perform to the XI server (on port 50004) and in this blog you didn’t mention how to solve this. I’m trying to connect to XI via proxy and after performing everything according to your blog it still doesn’t work. How did you overcame the proxy bypassing autorization check?
    1. Former Member
      Use proxy ip as settings in java plug-in in ctrl panel and not in java webstart. This is equivalent of settings proxy prop in java. hence every code executes that opens a n/w connection tries to connect to the specified proxy. – But specifying proxy in java webstart will not do this!
      Best regards,
      1. Former Member
        I’ve specified the proxy_server IP in the java plug in in control panel and I still see that my client is trying to access the XI server IP directly using port 50004 (to be on the safe side I’ve clearted the routing table and the java cache in case he kept the IP in memory) but my computer still attempt to connect directly to the XI server.
        any thought?
        1. Former Member
          Are you using java webstart 1.2? This will not work on it. It worked for me in jre > 1.4.2_06.
          Also, the xiserver will always connect to its ip. The idea is forwarding this ip through a proxy server and establishing connectivity between client and server.

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