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I hope XI developers will now be motivated more towards
developing in XI rather than simply using it as a tool. Let’s find out how and
where this small piece of code is more useful!?

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      1. Senthilnathan Natarajan
        Hi Felix,
                   Wonderful Blog Indeed!Can you pls let me know if we can figure out from the out.html the various XI object types(like data type, message type, message interface, message mapping , interfacing mapping etc)?


  1. Senthilnathan Natarajan
    Hi, I need to track the list of the integration builder(ID and IR)objects
    that are getting imported successfully in the production environment.
    Is this getting stored in any database table, so that we can use the
    SQL for Java to retrieve them?

    Moreover where will i get the log files that will have the list of the
    objects imported successfully?The tpz file that gets created each time
    we export/import the SWCV, is a ZIP file, that has two files viz the
    *.tpt and a metadata file. the *.tpt file has got a Transport ID and
    its correponding SWCV, but not the exhaustive list of objects created
    under the SWCV.The metadata file is a binary file which doesn’t seem to
    help me in geting the list.

    I need to write an ABAP program that will get the list of custom
    objects created in the ABAP and JAVA stack of XI system.

    Actually in the Integration Repository and in the Integration
    Directory, there is an option in the tool menu for ‘Find Transport’,
    which lists down the objects imported or exported from that
    system.Where will list get stored , so that i can retrive them.


    1. Anonymous
      do u have any information relating to TPT file. Any information ranging from its Definition to its Details
  2. Anonymous
    Can any1 suggest me the full form of TPT file and any information regarding TPT which is part of TPZ file
  3. Naresh Dasika
    Hello Felix,

    I have a .tpz file which I got thru File transport.
    When I executed the Java program mentioned above it is returning the Total Objects as 0 even though it has 2 objects.

    1. So this program only works for the tpz files dpne thru CMS transport

    Please clarify me on this…



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