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Sorry for the short notice. Tomorrow morning Friday 9th of December Wipro is having an SAP NetWeaver Made Easy event in San Jose California. They have lined up some interesting speakers and case studies from Apple, Weyerhaeuser, eBay and Forrester. SAP is supporting the event: Denise Vu Broady will introduce the ESA adoption program  and I was asked to moderate the event. I feel honored and hope to live up to the expectations.

Made Easy is a theme dear to my heart, in a life before SDN,  yes there was an SAP life before SDN. I was Product Manager in the SAP Simplification Group. We had a whole series of Made Easy Guidebooks. The funny thing is, they are still sold on Amazon and some of them get quite high prizes like    Product Costing Scenarios Made Easy 3.x-4.x can be yours for only $99.95. Hey is there anything better to have under the Christmas Tree ๐Ÿ™‚

Joking aside, even though it  covers an old R/3 release, it is one of the best overviews into  one of the most beautiful areas of the SAP ERP system: Product Costing. All the underlying systems like Financials, Material Management and Production should be in place before you  implement Product Costing may be together with Profitability Analysis.

You do this and all in a sudden the beauty of all that integration that you have worked on for so long falls into place. It is like putting the final piece into the puzzle and all in a sudden you have transparency into your production costs and can really kick your competitors asses. One of my customers found out that they are loosing money with their coffee products and raised their prizes and others followed their lead. Most companies are not used to have that tight integration and this 90+ page book just very nicely shows step by step what is happening in the different modules when. It really helps to understand what is going on in an integrated system and brings people on the same page. That is way more than i wanted to write about it.

The SAP NetWeaver Made Easy event is going to be really interesting. If you can free up the morning please register and see you tomorrow. Rumor has it, that Mr. Architect’s World Kartik Iyengar flew in from India extra for this event.

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  1. Former Member

    Maybe it isn’t the best place to ask for OS/Apple compatibility with SAP application. However, I’m going to buy a iMac (intel based) and I wonder if I could work for example with new VC, BI 7.0 or old grandfather R3 :).



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