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Have anyone tried to connect XI servers through a proxy server? This blog describes the challenges and realities in implementing it. Part – I of this blog series explains about the challenges and the realities of Integration Builders (IB) to a core level while connecting through a proxy server. Part – II of this blog series will explain you exactly how to overcome the challenges and implement the same.                     


Traditional Way of IB connecting                     




The above diagram shows the traditional way of connecting to XI Server.                     


Challenge to achieve                     




The main challenge is to connect to XI server through a proxy. We had a development environment where the xi server is not visible. But there is one system which is visible to both XI server and the browser clients are available. Hence we decided to achieve connecting to XI server through a proxy server which was never ever tried before!                     


Challenge in Reality                     




Even after giving proxy in Java webstart and Java control panels, the authorization in IB directly connects to XI server. The authorization module in IB (Login) directly connects to XI Server using IP through port 50004 bypassing the proxy. All other ports work perfectly except for authorization module. The real challenge to face is to give proxy for authorization too.                     


In the next part of this blog series, we shall see how to implement proxy for authorization in integration builder. So, keep watching for my blogs 😉                     

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