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h3. Introduction   This article demonstrates how to compile (Java classes and JSPs) and pack an MI Tomcat application project using Ant tool. Though the focus is on the MI application, generally, this may apply to any Web application projects. h4. Target MI Version   This article applies to mobile applications that are being developed for SAP Mobile Infrastructure client 2.1 and 2.5* Tomcat *runtime. h4. Requirements   In order for you to follow thru this article, you must have a JDK and ANT installed in your system. Im using ANT version 1.6.5 included in my Eclipse 3.2 installation and the latest JDK version 1.4.2_10. h3. Project Structure   I will start by describing the structure of the Java application project, i.e. our MI application project that we will be working on. The sample project is just a simple implementation of the Contact Address application which comes with MI server for WAS 6.40. I will not discuss about the project in details since this is out of the article’s scope.           |    Project File Structure  (a) File view  | Project Java View
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