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Welcome to the SDN Podcast!

Welcome to the SDN Podcasting Now available here on SDN are official SAP programs such as conference sessions, webinars, and technical interviews. The content will be updated regularly, so check back often. SDN Podcasts are a great way to share knowledge across the SDN community. Over the coming weeks, we hope to add YOUR voice to the site. We encourage you to record your thoughts about SDN or SAP technologies, and podcast them. For those of you wishing to dive into this new area, then there a couple of things that you need to do.

  1. Read these Guidelines
  2. Register to become a Blogger

Once approved you will then be able to post your podcast basically the same way as a weblog. You will notice there are two fields for Podcasting in the form. Now you need to either put “Local File” or the location of your MP3 for one of our team to download. Now this is not the same thing as the “external URL” so be sure you place your link in the proper field. image You also need to put the size of the file in bytes in. With that being done and having filled out your “description” and any of the “full text” you would like, you simply need to save the entry in DRAFT mode. We will be checking daily for new Podcast entries, if you put “Local File” you will be contacted with where you can send the MP3, if you give us the location of an MP3 then we will download it. We will host all of the MP3’s on our SDN media server. Then we will put the new link to your file into the “Podcast URL” field, add it to our Podcast Feeds and then publish your Podcast. Remember we are looking for your good quality original content!

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    • Thanks for the feedback Frank!

      SDN has a program called SDN TV (On the SDN top level navigation, under the Pilot zone )

      SDN encourage the community to record video blogs and to send the footage to the following address:

              SDN TV - The SAP Developer Network
           3410 Hillview Avenue      
           Palo Alto, CA 94304     

      I’m sure that soon when will have enough content I would love to support automatic video downloads as we have for the Podcast.
      Looking forward 🙂