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Unfortunately I wasn’t as involved in the SAP Developer Challenge, Day 1 – Shai’s best date as I would have liked to be. But of course I had to be in the audience when the top SAP employee developers present what they hacked together over the weekend. The big question is of course could we and should we do something like that with all SAP Developers on SDN? How could it work?

Fostering innovation was the goal. The team members coming from all over the world didn’t know each other before Thursday of last week, also the teams were deliberately put together so that their members have very diverse  backgrounds.

The broad overall task for all groups was to come up with an  SAP Web 2.0 hack. (Actually I agree with Paul Graham who writes that we don’t need the term Web 2.0, but I guess it is hip.)

The presentations were organized similar to Demo Jams, every team had  8 minutes to present their idea and how far they got within half a week. Although there were judges, to prevent that the team with the most hooligan friends in the audience will win 😉

First up Team Tiger that tackled collaboration possibilities. First they showed a technology collaboration case and they even had SDN 2.0 on their flipchart. Bonus points for that one, SDN 2.0 is so much cooler than Web 2.0. Then they showed wais  to collaborate with customers including rating and display depending on rating of others.

Team ABAP Advantage around Backpack a web task organizing service They found that Guido Schroeder has already a Backpack account and used that in the demo. They created a reminder on Backpack and generated a task in a connected CRM system. It works also the other way round  with synchronizing the CRM with the Backpack system and create a note in there. They also integrated Web Dynpro into the backpack system and were able to create an opportunity from there. Hello [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] and Piers they used REST not SOAP for their integration.

Xtreme Xpert Finder Team. Yes a problem that desperately needs a solution, how do I find the best expert for my current problem. Two dynamic graphs were shown one of the organizational side and one of the  social side of an organization. Very nice interactive graphics they showed, that you can search for experts in certain areas and the better a person is, the brighter the name shines in the graphic. Slick. The hard part I think is to get an accurate representation of the social network and they didn’t go into how they want to get the data. On SDN for the social network we could use      “My favorite members” from the SDN  Business Card.

Team Frontrunners started out with something that looks a lot like an R/3 frontend, but then they showed with some nice integration to product ratings from customers and of course there is no Web 2.0 show without the integration to Google Maps 🙂 They also showed integration to an eBay store.

Team Mind Mappers starting out in an R/3 system again. Wow, they show a very nice graphical representation of the relationship between customer and supplier as well as into your business system. It is a business object relationship displaying tool. The clue was, that the graphical rendering of the object representation was done via Google Maps. They used the API to put all their objects into Google and zoomed so far into it, that you didn’t see the surrounding map. Sweet. They also did the funniest presentation.

Team NetWeaver Nerds (great name) were using Python to script on top of an SAP system. They showed  how easy it is to change content of tables as well as adding columns. With that fast prototyping is possible, would be great to have that in the  SDN environment.  Open Source

imageTeam 007 The World is not Enough. They created a new GUI with two goals: It should be cool and easy. “As a hacker the frontend is not that important” he said. I like to differ, for a hacker the  beauty of an interface is measured by how quickly things can be done, not the color or picture on the desktop.  They added a couple of widgets to the desktop like search using TREX and calling an R/3 transaction without using the regular SAP GUI. Nice little control center in the lower left hand corner. They even thought about an online Widget sharing place, how could they forget that such a place would of course be on SDN. I guess we are not on every Übergeek’s mind. (To the left is a picture of the Widget demo I took with my Treo. More on pictures over at SAP Hackathon Photoset.)


Last but for sure not least   WebXpertsthe team in India that unfortunately could not join us in person here in the US because their visa didn’t come through in time 🙁 But video conferencing technology enabled them to demo their things too.  Their hack is  using RSS to collaborate between two business partners, it’s about time 🙂 What I really like is that their solution is tackling a business process: Lean Manufacturing Solution. Kanban Board changes create RSS events that are picked up by the supplier. Supplier creates a P.O. based on the previous event and send it to the responsible vendor again via RSS.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay to the end, but I heard that the jury selected: Mind Mappers, 007 The World is not Enough and NetWeaver Nerds as the finalists and the audience by showing of hands voted  that the coolest hacks where the widgets of team 007 The World is not Enough. Congratulations to the winners from SDN too.

Looked like a fun event with great outcomes.

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    where can I get more infos about the projects ( I am mostly interested in “The world is not enough” and “NetWeaver NErds” but also the other projects sound very interesting) 


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