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There have been some queries recently, regarding upgrading the MI 2.5 to SP14. So I thought of writing a simple Blog to demonstrate the steps involved in the same.

The device used is Symbol and Operating System being PocketPC 2003. For synchronizing data with your PC, connect your PC through USB cable after placing the device on the cradle.

You can install the latest Active Sync from [Microsoft |] and set up a Guest partnership for transferring the data from PC to Device. You can further configure the Device connections to use your PC connection instead of GPRS connection.

    • Go to Start->Settings->[Connections]->Connections->Manage existing connections->Edit->Next->Access Point
    • You can further install the Remote Viewer to replicate the Device Screen on the PC for ease of use.


Installing Creme & MI Client

    1. Copy the files from your system to Mobile Device Temporary directory (or any directory) through a Active Sync File Explorer (Creme & Mobile Infrastructure Client).
    2. Start the setup for installing the Creme and the MI on Mobile Device.
    3. Restart the device (Warm Reboot)


Starting MI Client

    1. From the START Menu of Mobile Device, start the SAP Mobile Infrastructure.
    2. Create a new User-id, and for reducing complexity, the same user should also exist in MI Web Console(User-demo, Password-demo)
    3. On the main page of MI, go to the Settings and maintain minimum entry as follows.(Client, Host,Port,System..),SAVE the entries and press the Synchronize button on the main page
    4. It will ask for the SYNC password (demo). After the Sync is complete, client will have a unique Device id, which can be verified from the settings menu.


Installing the ADDON SP 14

    1. On the MI web console. Click on Add Entries and maintain the entries as below based on your specific Device-id, user-id


    1. Press the Synchronize button on Device to install the new support pack. After the Sync is complete press Continue.
    2. It will ask for installing the Support pack now or later. Click Start and install the SP14.
    3. Restart the Device (Warm reboot)


    1. Check for updated version(SP14) level by clicking INFO on the main page.


Installing the Mobile Components

    1. Add the required Mobile Component to your Device in Web Console as specified earlier and Synchronize.
    2. Restart the device (Warm Reboot). The device needs to be restarted after every new mobile component installation.


    1. Synchronize again to get the data for the Application

Now you are ready for the Show ๐Ÿ™‚ and can view the data by clicking on the application.

, check here for more details.</b>

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