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Collaboration tasks enable adhoc, user defined processes.  They be started from scratch, or they can be started from an existing task.  If you are using universal worklist to access your business workflow work items, your user may want to start a collaboration task.  When they do this, the execution of the work item is disabled until the collaboration task is completed or cancelled.    In this first image I have an work item in my UWL about a material. image In the bottom right of my window, I have the ‘You can also’ section. image From here I select to ‘Create Ad-Hoc Request’.  At this point I create my collaboration task and submit the task. image Once this task is started, I cannot execute my work item until the collaboration task is completed or cancelled.  image This is very helpful, because I can easily see which work items have collaboration tasks, I can view the sub-process the collaboration task created, and I can ensure I wait for the process to complete before executing my work item.  So, get on SAP NetWeaver 04, give this a try, and let me know what you think!
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  1. Former Member
    Hi Ginger,

    Your weblog was very informative.
    I have doubht, probably you can help me out with it.

    When I create an adhoc workflow in EP using Collaboration functionalities, can I reuse the same adhoc worlflow again and again.
    I want to create an adhoc workflow template and let diferent users to use that template.

    Can you please let me know how can we achieve this.
    I have also opened a discussion thread, probably you can reply there.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Former Member
    Hi Ginger.

    Great Blog!!I need a small clarification; After creating ADHOC request based on workitem in UWL, we would like to view the status change in the “Tasks” view so that the person who initiated the ADHoc request can know if subprocesses are executed or not. The current “History” view just shows the time and approved details of the sub process after the whole process has been completed. Is there any option to view the status and history of the sub processes when the main process is still in active state.


      1. Former Member
        Hi Ginger,

        Is it possible to notify assignees through an email(outlook or lotusnotes or any other emails ) when task subprocess is created as sometimes people may not login into  Portal-uwl


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