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XI : FAQ’s Provided by SAP (Updated)

For many of us working in the space of Exchange Infrastructure Michal’s Weblog The specified item was not found. is the startng place for debugging problems. I aslo found out that from time to time SAP released FAQ SAP Notes compilled out of the questions from many of their customers. These SAP Notes have tons of good information that answer most of the questions one would post on SDN. In this weblog i have tried to compile most of the FAQ notes released by SAP. In conjunction to Michal’s FAQ weblog, this collection of SAP Notes has proven to be very helpful to me. I plan to keep this weblog updated with any new notes published by SAP.

SAP Note Description
856597 FAQ: XI 3.0 SOAP Adapter
856346 FAQ: J2EE JMS Adapter: Frequently Asked Questions
821267 FAQ: XI 3.0 File Adapter
831162 FAQ: XI 3.0 JDBC Adapter
730870 FAQ XI 3.0 RFC Adapter
813993 FAQ: Message status in the adapter framework
856599 FAQ : XI 3.0 Mail Adapter
816022 FAQ: XI 3.0 J2EE Adapter Engine / Messaging System
801868 Java(TM) Web Start in XI 3.0: FAQ/Troubleshooting
774854 FAQ XI 3.0 BC Adapter
830039 FAQ: Deployment of the XI adapter framework
813993 FAQ: Message status in the adapter framework
793669 FAQ: SUS in SRM 4.0 with XI 3.0
615740 FAQ: CCMS GRMG Availability Monitoring
872388 Troubleshooting Archiving and Deletion in XI 3.0
872508 XI 3.0 AF: BufferOverflowException when sending large msgs
764417 Information for troubleshooting of the SAP J2EE Engine 6.40
721548 Changing the passwords of the XI service users
886888 XI 3.0 Adapter Framework: XML parsing error for xmlns
885405 Troubleshooting End-to-End Monitoring in XI 3.0
821268 XI 3.0 Adapter Framework: Overview of available FAQ notes
858366 SAP XI 3.0 SP12: iWay Adapter Release Note
801951 XI30: Analyzing mapping problems
711947 ITK 1.5 FAQ
768148 Using a separate SLD for XI
764393 Configuration of the SAP System Landscape Directory
813029 Automatic processing of failed XI messages
913858 XI3.0 Alerting: Troubleshooting (new)
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  • naveen i m new to this site, ver can i find the notes which u hve given b’coz the topics are core concepts and i want to read abt those topics can u help me .thank u


  • u have given an exhaustive list of Sap notes. I have done many a search in SDN, and…..  The question still remains. Where to find the a specifc Sap Note
    • All the notes can be retrieved from, however, your problem in locating them might be an access issue. *Some* notes are only accessible to different types of users. For example, there are a whole range of great notes that only SAP consultants themselves have access too. One final tip, when doing a search on notes numbers, make sure you do not have “space” after the last digit (this can happen with cut-and-paste) because I have noticed that the search will fail.
      • When a note is changed and waiting to be reviewed, it is not visible until it is released again. This process might take some days.
        If you cannot access a note, so try again a couple of days later.


        • Hi,
          As we are discussing SAP notes, is it possible to keep track of notes related to one devlopement area ( Eg : Notes on XI ) so that one can know if a new note has been published or updated automatically?