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SDN Contributor Call for Help: “restoreViewState with HTMLB-TREES/TREENODES”

So I’ve often times received emails from various individuals asking me for help with a problem they are having. Well first I always request that they post their problem in the SDN forums that of course after they have searched all of SDN and thoroughly exhausted all avenues and tried all there is to try.

If after that point they still have no solution then they are welcome to email me and I will see what I can to help the problem get solved. It may be that I email some people I know and ask them to take a look or it may be that I write a weblog like this one and offer the community a chance at something extra for helping solve the problem!

This is completely different each time around and therefore it will do you no good to mail me free gifts or anything like that, bribes just won’t work!

So where does that lead us? Well there is a forum thread dangling in the Business Server Pages (BSP) left unsolved.


we want to achieve that our dynamic tree will be built up in the state it was before we jumped onto another page. When navigating backwards, the tree does not remember any more it treenodes properties. Just the root is displayed, not any more the information which node was open and which not.
Also restoreViewState = “TRUE” did not help.

Any ideas ?


Now if you think you can help then post your replies to the thread, if the owner of the thread rewards points I will double them UNTIL the owner marks the thread as being solved. The person who receives the 10 points for “solving” the problem I will give that person an additional 50 Bonus points!


  • Don’t bug the owner of the thread to reward points, they will reward the points for those answers which help them in some way!
  • Don’t post your answer to this weblog, won’t help you get points and won’t help the owner of the thread find it!
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