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WebAS : A step by step guide for Configuring UDDI registry on Local Server

UDDI server is shipped with SAP Web AS, that is implemented to UDDI v2 specifications. SAP WebAS provides the capability to publish and query webservices in UDDIRegistry.This weblog gives a step by step tutorial on how to step up the UDDI server for using it as a local Registry. 

Step 1: log into Visual Administrator and choose Web Services Container under Server->Services


step 2 :For configuring the UDDI server, choose Web Services Container Service -> Runtime -> UDDI Server


Step 3: Load the database with UDDI core tModels and taxonomies by using the Reset DB button


step 4 : After UDDI server is set up, we need to setup users who can access the repository for publishing business services/ definition (wsdl).


User can be created with three different privilege levelsLevel Tier 1 user can create up to:           1 Business Entity           4 Business Services           2 Binding templates per Business Service           100 tModels           10 publisher assertionsLevel Tier N user can create an unlimited number of UDDI objectsAdmin user can create an unlimited number of UDDI objects and can delete UDDI data from any other user. step 5 : Create a Level 1 Userimage step 6 : Time to publish WSDL, one can access UDDI client on WebAS by htp://server:port/UDDIClientimage step 7: let us now try to publish a service definition to our local registry, using the Level1 user id we createdimage step 8: After the user is authenticated, the user will be taken to a Publis Service Definition page. here one could specify service specific properties like categories, wsdl locaton. After entering required information hit the publish button for publishing the service definition onto the UDDI Register, which in our case happens to be the one on the local server. imageConclusion : In this weblog i have tried to show how to confgure a local UDDI registry. In the coming weblogs i will show how to configure UDDI client to talk to UDDI Server and how to publish a webservice generated from XI to a UDDI Server.

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    • Hi Michal,

      UDDI client/Server provided with SAP WAS are still in their rudimentary state when compared to other UDDI Nodes available from Microsoft and IBM. But the good news is SAP is actively involved in UDDI org and is continuously enhancing their UDDI Registry.


  • Dear Naveen,

    I followed the steps you mentioned for publishing wsdl file,but after clicking the publish I am getting following error
    “Invalid key passed: Unknown TModel key in reference. TModel key :uuid:c1acf26d-9672-4404-9d70-39b756e62ab4”
    I have four check boxes on category side

    I tried with all the combinations but still i am getting the error mentioned above. Do you have any inputs for me on this??