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SDN and Open Source

This year during TechEd in Vienna, Boston and Bangalore we held a small discussion session in the SDN Clubhouse about “OpenSource projects” on SDN. Now I must admit that the results at each of the three were not overwhelming but they were significant and because of that I feel we can now move another step forward!

  • Concept image
  • Implementation of environment image
  • Concept of project image
  • Requirements document image
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Certification
  • Release

At the moment that is the list of phases we’ve been working with. In terms of doing “OpenSource” projects here on SDN we have our concept in place now we are finalizing which environment to use and how to best implement that for not only this first project but all future ones.

For this specific project “Using the KM platform to create a weblog system” we have the general requirements together but those of you in the community who have asked to work on it will need to review and finalize that and move forward with the rest of the phases. SDN will continue to help guide things but the bulk of the work and project will be in your hands!

For those of you who want to help out feel free to email me and let me know and I will add you to the list of names we gathered at TechEd.

UPDATE: For this particular project and to see how well things get moving, we have decided to host this one on itself then evauluate how it does for future projects. So the new home of this project will a combination of SDN and For now you can sign up at and request to be added to the project, here.

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  • Craig,

    with all due respect to the open source community,

    is open source collaborative working really in the interests of SAP and its business partners as it is generally performed on a non profit non revenue basis ?

    Such working may be in the interests of some of SAP’s clients, however, how many clients can release members of their teams to work on open source during their normal business hours ?

    What do you think ?


    • Hello Tomas,

      I’m working with Open Source Software namely Linux for Web Servers sice and earning good money for consulting and trainings. I think that Open Source is a benefit for everybody.

      Big Companies like IBM, Novell and even SAP already employ People producing code for Open Source projects as their main duty.


    • Hi Tomas,
      Just today, this article popped up on my radar.

      While not an answer to your question (indeed it raises more questions), it does highlight the growing acknowledgement of the importance of open source to the corporate software industry culture as well as, the undeniable importance of collaboration, and the tremendous impact of a strong community of users in development.  (No surprise here for SDNers)
      Very timely topic 🙂

  • Hello Craig,

    I’m eager to start working on the project. Is the requirements document available anywhere perhaps in the SDN Wiki?


    • As soon as we figure out where/how we are going to host this the requirements document will go in as the first document for this project and then those wishing to work on it like yourself can then take a look and start to finalize things.
  • Hi Craig,

    At first the idea of an SDN Project is pretty cool. But before I commit myself to a project and spent my freetime working on it I would like to have more details. For example:
    -What is this KM Software? (never heard about it)
    -What technologies will be used?
    -What kind of skills will be needed? (I doubt I will have the time for coding but testing would be fun…)

    It would be great if you could update the weblog with some more infos.


    • Hello Thomas,

      I hope I can answer some of your questions:
      – KM is the Knowledge Management Component of SAP Enterprise Portal aka Netweaver Portal.
      – Technology would be Java Portal Pages which are based on J2EE.
      – I think for you need SAP Enterprise Portal development and KM skills


      • Thank you Gregor, no need for me to answer now, but I will add in that for this project the above rings true but for future projects perhaps not. This initial one is truely for us to get the process in place for moving forward.
  • …I was asking for volunteers in this post !!! coincidence ?/thread/78743 [original link is broken]
    Now with this … Will SDN provide the source repos/version control/build management and other online collaboration apps?

  • Dear Mr. Craig,
       The concept of OpenSource is excellent. More heads, more ideas and better software.
       I commit myself to contribute towards OpenSource projects in my freetime.

    Deva Jyothi Singh.

  • Hello Craig,

    on reflection, I am convinced, if the community wish to collaborate to for example create business packages for the portal or adapters for xi it can only be good for the community at large.

    Best of luck with the project.

    And the more functionality which is available open source or not can only be good for companies wishing to implement the suite of products.

    By the way, please thank Mark for the two t-shirts I received yesterday.


  • I am not sure I would be able to contribute to this one, but I would definetely like to get involved and follow it up. Please, keep me up to date or let me know where to do so.
    I think it is a great initiative and I hope an ABAP initiative quicks in soon.
  • What I ask myself is how this initiative will go together with what Shai Agassi is reported to have stated about open source and innovation?

    “Open source will fail to deliver innovation and is more likely to break applications, according to Shai Agassi, president of the product and technology group at SAP.”