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XI: How to check your IDOCs on a web page from SAPGUI?

Do you like watching your IDOCs with WE02/WE05 transactions?
Do you think it would be nice to check all IDOC’s segments at once,
without the need to click on every segment to display it? If the answer to the above questions is YES…
then this weblog might give you some ideas on how to develop a custom IDOC display transaction (raport) for displaying idocs.

There’s a standard Function Module that receives an idoc number as an input an as an output gives an IDOC displayed on a webpage.

This short code sample shows how you can call this module from an ABAP raport.

and this is how your IDOC (part of it) can look like:


However you can easily change the display by modifying some standard values.
Go to TCODE – WE34 and from over there you can create your own IDOC Display style (or modify a standard one).


Let’s try changing the background of a standard SAP_002 style id for a few minutes.
Then new value will be: TRVPICTURE09


Now when we try to display our IDOC and use the SAP_002 style (you can change styles with the right click)
we will see our idoc with a Tower background but you can change lots of other things inside those styles.


This weblog is just supposed to give an idea that standard idocs display
is not the only one and there’s not a lot to do if you’d like to change it a little bit 🙂

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  • Hi,

    this did not work on business Systems with WAS620 and WAS640.

    I got it to run with the FM:

        docnum                              = idocnum.
    *   ACTIONS                             =
    *   STYLEID                             =
    *   ACTION                              =
    *   NO_IDOC_XML_LOADED                  = 1
    *   ERROR_LOADING_OBJECT                = 3
    *   OTHERS                              = 4

    Same result.