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XI: Restarting successfully processed messages

During the development phase of any integration project you have to send many messages
to test your scenarios. Very often it may not be that easy to send many messages
because of various reasons…so we’d like to repeat the same message that we received in the past.
When we try to repeat a successfully processed message from XI we always see:


Which is great because you’re not allowed to repeat messages in the production environments
as this could result in duplicating messages. What can we do if we just want to resend
the same message one the development environment ? We have two choices:

– we can copy the payload and try to send the same message from the RWB “Test tool”
XI: Sending a message without the use of an adapter not possible?

– we can create a special report to help us

This time I’ll describe what you have to do to prepare your “Restarting report”.

Step 1

Copy the standard raport RSXMB_SUPPORT_RESTART to your namespace (ZRSXMB_SUPPORT_RESTART for example).

Step 2

Comment those two lines:


…and you’re ready to test your messages.
Paste the message GUID of one of your old messages and press F8.


XI monitor will open with your new message.


Remember this sort of restart/resend should only be used on the DEV systems for testing purposes.
This is not a report which you should use in production environments so it’s best to create your copy of it as a “local object”.
If you want to use this report also take into consideration why SAP created this “support check”.

Tested on:

XI 3.0 SP14

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