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ASUG Management visiting SAP Labs in Palo Alto

Mike Perroni ASUG President and his Management Team is visiting SAP Labs this week. They did a little presentation today for all. Here are my notes.


American SAP User Group is as far as I know the largest independent SAP user group:

ASUG Membership


  • 1,250 ASUG Installation Members (SAP Americas’ customers)

  • 160 Associate Members (SAP Partners)

  • More than 45,000 individual members

They presented the ASUG Influence Models:

Influence Councils:


  • Year-Round: 3700+ individuals registered for 67 Influence Council Teleconferences

  • Annual Conference: 640 Individuals (representing 300 companies) participated in 47 Influence Council Sessions/Updates

Executive Exchanges:


  • CIO/CTO met three times in 2005 – next meeting scheduled for Feb ’06

  • EAM & Enterprise Architects are also active

Usability Activities:


  • 366 Usability Sessions Took Place at the 2005 ASUG Annual Conference

ASUG Annual Conference meeting and Sapphire will be a joined collocated event next year in Orlando May 16-18. Vendor floor will be joined, and there will be one day overlap in the agenda. It has some great advantages, less travel and expenses for many people. Executives that are going to Sapphire and the individuals from the companies that are going to the ASUG meeting can exchange their experiences on that combined day.

We did a joined event with the ASUG Technical Track at SAP TechEd in Boston this year. The brief feedback was, that the ASUG sessions had a lot of traffic and were well received, but that the ASUG branding could have been improved. I agree that it could have been a bit more prominent that it was a joined event. Also ASUG realized that most people come to SAP TechEd for the hands on sessions and are not as interested in influencing the future development of SAP. Which I think is unfortunate. Well, there always is next year.

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  • Mark,

    ‘Also ASUG realized that most people come to SAP TechEd for the hands on sessions and are not as interested in influencing the future development of SAP. Which I think is unfortunate.’,

    it may be that the people at Teched as you say are indeed there for the technical sessions and in my experience often frustrated at not being able to go to all sessions because of crossovers, and therefore although they may also be interested in influencing the future direction of the products via the ASUG they have to decide what their priorities are.

    Considering how important Teched is to SAP Customers, from management downwards, simply to hear about latest developments and directions of especially the Netweaver products and equally importantly the hands on sessions where things like for example Multi Tenant Portals are demonstrated, experience may show that it is perhaps better to have the two events at the same site but back to back.

    This means run Teched and the ASUG conference back to back but have a token representation of ASUG at Teched to raise awareness to the Teched visitors of the existence of ASUG and their goals and motivations and achievements.

    Visitors can then decide whether or not to extend their visit and can certainly plan ahead to taking part in both at the next event should their interests be that way inclined.

    Just some thoughts.