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This weblog describes how to disable the Java stacktrace in XSS (ESS/MSS) Web Dynpro applications
(environment: ERP2004 with Web Dynpro employee self services; WAS 6.40 < SP13; correctly configured NWDI to perform customer modifications)


There is a parameter DetailedErrorResponse in the ConfigTool, but is it only available with WAS 6.40 SP13 or higher.

If you use WAS 6.40 < SP12 perform the following changes to disable the Java stacktrace: There is a central component to display the messages in Development Component – component: VcDebugInfo – View: DebugInfo: UI elements labelStackTrace and exceptionStack: set visibility=NONE, then the Java stacktrace won’t be displayed in any XSS Web Dynpros.
Only the error message will by displayed after changes.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Daniel,

    Hiding of the stacktrace is good but we have seen some potential problem in this.
    If you gonna disable the stack trace, then it really becomes difficult for any administrator to figure out the exact problem of the critical error. If message is hidded we will not come to know what caused the error. Instead we will only see a mesage that “Critical error has occured”.
    I think what we need is that:
    1) Customize the error message. Based upon the company application, it should be possible to show custom message
    2) Eventhough if we diable the stacktrace (which is actually good, the end user does not see it), the administrator should be able to see the stack trace..
    Do you have any idea about these possibilities..


    1. Former Member
      the stacktrace should be after this modification
      still visible in the default trace log file(s) using the /nwa or the standalone log viewer.

  2. Former Member
    Hi ,

    I disabled the stack trace, but that even removes the tray header which is very informative as it mentions the user who has locked it. Is there any way to keep the tray header but collapse the tray body.



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