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Before I demonstrate the functionality of the Icon let me explain the usage of the Icon in trouble shooting the problem encountered by us when transporting design time objects from dev to QA.

We have exported all the design time objects at the name space level from development to QA. When we tried to do sanity check whether all the SWCV have been imported in QA successfully by using check option of the menu bar, we have found out an error in one of SWCV “A” saying “10 Objects of the namespace “urn: weblog: x10” are available but the namespace “urn: weblog:x10” is not available in the SWCV”. But surprisingly we cannot see the namespace “urn: weblog:x10” in SWCV “A” implying the we cannot view the objects, which caused the error.

I noticed an icon in the IR, which helped me in trouble shooting the problem, as well as made me realise an important feature, which I have not noticed till now.

There is a Find Icon where I can find any type of object of IR with filter criteria on software component or namespace or name or person responsible etc as shown below. This feature is very helpful when we transport objects from dev to QA box for assisting the inconsistencies. Find Icon

The Extended option search facility allows us to search the objects with various different conditions as shown below. I used the option to check whether there are any objects of the namespace “urn: weblog: x10” are present in SWCV “A”. I used the search option in QA and found out from the results displayed that there are objects under the namespace “urn: weblog: x10” but the namespace is not present in the SWCV which caused the inconsistency in QA and after that we did the necessary steps for rectifying the problem.
Search Criteria
Extended Search
I have explained the usage of the icon instead of just demonsrating the functionality of icon so as we know how to trouble shoot this kind of common problems which can be encountered while transporting SWCV containing lot of namespaces and design objects.

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