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Idoc’s not reaching XI…. Not posted in the receiver SAP Systems….

I have seen lot of posts on the forum subject with the title of the weblog. We have also come across the same problem when we need to shift our SLD to point to different SAP Sandboxes periodically. I will explain here the need for the shift and the checklist for achieving the smooth transition.

In our project, which involves the integration of SAP IS-U with the file server, we come across various instances where we need to point our SLD to different SAP sandboxes any of the D25, C25, and A25 at a give point of time. We need to test our interfaces in the different Sandbox whenever the client copy has been done to the Sandbox that is intimated by the functional team.
Switching Sand Box
We have followed a suitable approach for the smooth transition and it is really useful and successful in our project and thought that it can be shared across SAP XI world.
Sample Check List for pointing the XI to A25 from C25:
1.Create a new technical system for the A25 with the required attributes in the SLD.
2.Change the existing business system to point to the newly created A25 technical system in the SLD and save your entries, which will make the transition smooth, as we don’t touch any configuration/repository objects.
3.Login to the Integration Directory and go to Adapter Specific Identifiers and click on the import button for making it consistency with the changes in the SLD.
4.Login to the XI ABAP stack and change the RFC destination in SM59 for pointing it to A25 from C25.
5.Create a port with the name SAPA25 and associate the RFC destination that is pointing to the A25.This is the port, which is required by the Idoc adapter to load the meta data info from A25.This is required in case of a Idoc to File Scenario.
6.Test the RFC connection in SM59 in A25 using remote logon. When we do it there should be another session with the SAP XI logon screen. If the remote logon screen does not pop up then check the given user credentials of the RFC destination. User credentials given in the RFC destination should have a role for “remote logon”. Otherwise we will see that Idocs reach IDX5 but does not show up in SXMB_MONI. This is required in case of a Idoc to File Scenario.
7.If still Idoc is not reaching XI or the receiver, check SM58 transaction in XI and A25 for the appropriate dumps.
I have documented this approach so that when we switch over DEV->QA->PROD instances of XI, this checklist might be very helpful as we already know we need to re-configure the adapters and RFC destinations in the new instances of XI as well as sender and receiver SAP systems.

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