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MIC Programming 1: Custom reports in ALV Grid

The Management of Internal Controls is SAP product, available either standalone or as part of ERP installation. It offers the framework for the definition, assessment and testing of the internal controls within the company and help to comply with the sections 302 and 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. For more on MIC you can check the Governance and Compliance community at public SAP website.

And that’s it. – In the next issue we have a look at the same problem, but using the parallel processing and showing the result in WebDynpro application.

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  • I Mr. Burger.

    This report requires that the user that executes it have the right authorizations.
    I have added some features to permit to execute the report in the name of a certain user.
    These are the changes made.

      parameters: orgunit     type fopc_text,
                  uname       type sy-uname.
    * add parameter uname

      cl_fopc_report_engine=>prepare_report_details( changing xs_details =
    ls_details   ).
      ls_details-uname =  uname.
    * force the reporting user

    It works well.

    Thanks for your report.

    • Hi Hugo,

      thanks for the comment. Just let me note two more things:

      – still the executing user must have at least MIC business user role (standard SAP PFCG-based role);

      – this way you are bypassing MIC authorization concept, so be careful about who can execute the report and see the data of any other MIC user;

      Ciao, Tom

  • Hello Tomas,

    So a lot of things have changed from the time of MIC and SAP GRC Risk Management. Earlier abapers had to create reports manually. But now SAP has come up with web reports with customization ability. Can you let us know more about Risk Management 3.0 Reporting. Is it still in ALV or crystal Reports are going to be used.

    Best Regards,
    Amol Bharti

    • Hi Amol,

      well, still some weeks to go for RM3.0 development period. Currently we still evaluate both options, but the result will be certainly part of the official communication, once the release is going to be announced to customers.

      Regards, Tom