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Better Late then Never – SP14 Migration Tools Available

A new set of portal migration tools has been released with SAP NetWeaver 2004 SP Stack 14.

SAP NetWeaver 2004 SP Stack 14 includes new and improved migration tools that will shorten and facilitate the migration from SAP EP 5.0 and SAP EP 6.0 SP2 to SAP NetWeaver 2004.

The highlights of the improved tools are:

  1. Migration to all Support Package Stacks from SP14 and higher: The new tools will allow SAP NetWeaver 2004 customers to migrate directly from SAP EP 5.0 and SAP EP 6.0 SP2 to the latest SAP NetWeaver 2004 support package stack (SP Stack 14 or higher). Since it will no longer be necessary to first migrate to SP Stack 09 and then upgrade to the latest support package, downtime will be reduced.
  2. Migration from SAP EP 6.0 closely integrated with the Support Platform: The tools for migrating from SAP EP 6.0 SP2 will also strengthen integration with the Support Platform, which is an SAP proprietary testing engine for running tests and fixes on portal systems. Integration with the migration utilities enables the automatic execution of checks for migration system prerequisites and facilitates the execution of post-migration tests. The main benefit of closer integration with the Support Platform is the elimination of common configuration errors which can cause migration to fail.

The migration How-to guides How To Migrate from SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 SP2 to SAP NetWeaver 2004 and How To Migrate from SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0 to SAP NetWeaver 2004 have been updated to reflect the changes in the migration tools. For the latest information on migration, refer to SAP Notes 732461 and 732458.

Note: The patch 8 KM migration tools released earlier are also valid for the migration to SP 14.

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