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Many of you have noticed that the weblogs seem to be looking a little strange lately. This is because we’ve been doing some upgrades and there were some unexpected alterations to the format of existing weblogs.

No need to worry, we are working to get that changed! What we ask is that you do the following:

  • Do NOT move your weblog to DRAFT mode 
  • If you choose edit the areas that are not working simply do so and save, it’s already messed up so again do NOT move your weblog to DRAFT mode

If you are not sure about all of this please email me or one of the other SDN team members or simply email

Thank you for your understanding!

The following HTML tags are now fixed, if you have used ones other than this in your weblogs please comment here or send me an email.

Many of you have asked why the font tag does not work or why we do not allow it, well the reasons are simply. We ask you not to use special font types and sizes for this one single reason: “If you use this and we change our layout then your weblog may not look good anymore”, so please do not use these settings, stick to the ones above.

Updated: Weblog HTML Allowed

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  1. Mark Finnern
    Hi Everyone,
    Most problems should be fixed now. If your Weblog post still has problems. Let us know.
    You can go ahead and fix it, but please leave the status as final, if you set it to draft and back to final the post will be put back on top of the stack.
    Thanks, Mark.
    1. Thomas Jung
      I noticed that some of my weblogs are still broken:

      OO ABAP Dynpro Programming

      It was the ones where I was using the HTML generated by the new ABAP Editor in my weblogs.  It would be a shame to lose this ability because it created nice looking code (with syntax highlighting that matches what people will see in the system).

        1. Former Member

          Regarding problems in Thomas weblog:

          I’ve already posted this on SDN suggestions forum and would like to repeat this again: automatic code highlighting, most probably by JavaScript + specific class on<code > or<textarea > element will be very usefull feature while many blogs on SDN contains samples.

          It’s simplier to maintain consistency among blogs, when code is marked as<code class=”abap_source”> or<code class=”java_source”> rather then support diversity of styles inserted automatically by IDEA, Eclipse or ABAP editor.


    1. Former Member
      My pardons: I did not expect that my comments will be formatted so originally.

      Text should be read as:
      My blog uses _inline_<var /> (X)HTML tag intensively to highlight class / package names and variables mentioned in _block_ of<code >.


  2. Former Member
    I wonder what people use to produce formatted html weblogs. Is there an HTML editor which will take a .DOC or .RTF or similar formatted document, and spit out an SDN compatible HTML?

    Or am I doomed to go through the ignominy of ‘HTML in 24 hours’ crash-course to be an SDN weblogger?

    1. Former Member
      There are actually many different options, if you view a list of my weblogs you’ll find one (#1936) which gives some of those options “Weblogs making it easier”

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