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BI with SAP NetWeaver 2004s

This week sees the release of the new NetWeaver 2004s rampup. But if you were in Dusseldorf like me last week you were able to see it before. SAP’s development did a great job the last year and a half (or so) and made the BI jump a step ahead. If you weren’t there and just want to know what lies ahead here is the summary of the two days.  The BI conference started with a big surprise to me. All topics were held in English with simultaneous translation into German. Every visitor received a head gear to switch between the different presentations and all the presentations were in one big hall. While it was a cultural shock at first it turned out to be great throughout the two days. If some slides aren’t interesting to you just switch to the next presentation. And with all the people in one hall you really had a chance to find someone if you were looking for him.  But what is new within BI? For me the hottest topics of the conference were:– Integrated PlanningPlanning and Reporting in the same tool is finally possible. The whole tool looks well thought and it seems easier to use than the old BPS.  The only disadvantage: You need to migrate your old BPS scenarios which might be quite a lot of work but if you find the time it seems to be worth the effort. – Printing and AdobeWeb printing looks really cool. Just use the Print button and a window opens where you can set all scaling and line break setups you like. The next click either delivers a PDF or directly prints the PDF to the printer.  Simple and powerful. – Enterprise Data WarehousingThere were lots of presentations about EDW. Take a look at it in the conference slides. Volkswagen told us that they have an EDW with more than 800 ODS objects (that are now called Data Stores) and managing that takes a lot of effort. But they seemed to have done a good job there. – Formatted ReportingBetween Query and Web Template there is a new feature now, the Report. The Report is a kind of formatted Query that can be displayed in Excel or Web. So if you want to enter just an empty row between two other rows or paint one column in a different color you are now able to do it. And it seems to be easier to use. By the way the Query Designer handling has improved quite a lot. Things like the properties bar or filter values that an be changed during query navigation are excellent ideas and I’m looking forward to using these features a lot. – TransformationsWhen you don’t do a lot of programming in your transfer and update rules SAP has made life easier for you. Instead of using transfer rule, InfoSource and update rule you can now use transformations. Transformations are modelled by a graphical tool to do the mapping which looks quite nice and seems to be a bit easier to use if you have multiple rules sets. And the best thing is: You have an end routine. Finally you’re able to manipulate the data in the cube structure. – BI AcceleratorI must admit that I still don’t know the correct naming. While referred to in all the presentations as HPA (High Performance Analytics) its name was changed slightly before the conference and it is now officially called BI accelerator. For a better explanation look at Thomas’ Comparing the BI Accelerator (f.k.a. HPA) to Traditional RDBMS Technology. It seems that it is quite hot if used in the right situation.  The evening event was very nice, good food, good music and a chance to play lots of different games. You really missed something (as I missed the SDN booth 😉  So you want to be among the first to use these excellent features? All the presentations were asking for Ramp-Up customers. Just contact your local sales person and ask for details.
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  • Hi Dirk,

    Thanks a lot for sharing some information about the advanced topics with all those who couln’t make it.


  • I would have been happy to see you show a bit more enthusiasm for the accelerator – it’s a technical breakthrough radical enough to warm the heart of any code freak. Orders of magnitude more speed! Huge data volumes! Total freedom to ask any queries you like! To quote Jeff Word, that’s worth a round of applause, folks. Seriously, I’ve spent two years helping to develop the accelerator and I’m still enthused by it.
    • The accelerator is definitely a radical technical breakthrough and it’s really worth a round of applause, because it solves some performance issues that were unsolvable up to now. But from a consultant point of view it solves only a small part of my problems, because 90% of the problems at 90% of the customers occur at relatively small data volumes and BI accelerator doesn’t help me with that. And I fear the millions of BI consultants that run wild with the data modelling and then tell the customer: ‘All you need is a BI accelerator, standard BI can’t handle your basic problems. So order some licenses and extra servers and let’s go.’

      But nevertheless a great solution and a technical breakthrough, even if something like the planning integration or PDF printing will help more customers.

      You did a great job the last two years

  • Dirk , did this also include the Visual composer and the report designer ? I did see them at TechEd and I was impressed – especially with the ability to report through Flash..

    P.S I was told ramp up starts October .. but has it started ?

    • It also included the VC and report designer. And you’re right, both are very impressive. I guess that in three years the VC is what ABAP was ten years ago, the tool that separates the good from the great.

      Best regards

  • Hi, thank you for you time.

    Portal and KM is included in NW04s BI or need some extra package or license or Packages ?

    What happend in SEM only work using SEM 6.0 ?
    What is Sub Components the SEM 6.0 in the new versions ?

    You have some ASAP model or Business BluePrint for NW04s BI using BW, BPS, Portal and KM ?

    So the final problem, maybe you know how i can make this Planning Screen using Text Box areas related to cost center in planning datas.

    And the AREA Boss need look report the datas aggregates and required option for look the Texts Boxs inserted for the Less Level the Planning.

    Thank you again for you time.

    Thank you again.

    • Hello Victor,
      from my understanding you get NW04s licenses not licenses for any components of it. So you need not buy any other licenses. But you should check this with your sales rep.
      SEM still has the components BCS, CPM, etc. as it had before. SEM-BPS moved to BW-BPS with BW 3.5 and got an improved version delivered with NW04s.

      This Planning screen and the reporting for the area head should be possible with Visual Composer but I’m no expert in this area.

      Best regards

  • Hi Dirk again,

    1) i am confused for the MySAP concepts and where is the Nw04s BI.

    – SAP NetWeaver 2004s
    ————> MySAP Business Suit
    ——————-> MySAP ERP
    ——————-> MySAP CRM
    ——————-> MySAP PLM
    ——————-> MySAP SCM
    ——————-> MySAP SRM
    ——————-> MySAP BI (Nw04s BI) ???

    OR is ?

    – SAP NetWeaver 2004s
    ——> SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure
    ——> SAP Business Intelligence (Nw04s BI) ??
    ——> SAP Enterprise Portal
    ——> SAP Exchange Infrastructure
    ——> SAP Web Application Server
    ——> SAP Master Data Management
    ——> SAP Mobile Infrastructure

    2) Visual Composer is included in the Nw04s BI ?
    This i have installed.

    NetWeaver 2004s

    SAP_ABA 700  0006  SAPKA70006  Cross-Application Component

    SAP_BASIS 700  0006  SAPKB70006  SAP Basis Component 

    PI_BASIS 2005_1_700  0006  SAPKIPYJ76  PI_BASIS 2005_1_700 

    SAP_BW 700  0006  SAPKW70006  SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Victor,
      – SAP NetWeaver 2004s
      ——> SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure
      ——> SAP Business Intelligence (Nw04s BI) ??
      ——> SAP Enterprise Portal
      ——> SAP Exchange Infrastructure
      ——> SAP Web Application Server
      ——> SAP Master Data Management
      ——> SAP Mobile Infrastructure

      Visual Composer is not a part of NW04s BI but it’s a separate part of NW04s.

      Best regards

  • Hello Dirk,

    Do you remember ? (i got from you the information about join of tables for the thread below)

    Thread “process : Query – Multiprovider – InfoPackage – Process Chain” .
    I finished that and i want to send you the solution, please send me your contact (mail)


  • Dear Mr Herzog,

    Congratulations for the book: Abap Developement for SAP Netweaver BI: User exits and BadIs.

    We’re trying to implement the suggestions on the chapter 5.1.1 Interface of function module EXIT_SAPLRSR0_001 (page 136), however, we’re having problens with the abap sintax CALL_FUNCTION  l_d_name IF FOUND.
    The command IF FOUND is not accepted.
    It’ll be very helpful to avoid issues on tranporting include include zxrsru01.

    I appreciate any help on how to implement it.

    Best Rgs Eliseo Bouzan