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Basic Customization for activity in Opportunity Processing.

mySAP CRM Opportunity Management not only helps to manage sales projects, but also supports the sales team with a sophisticated sales methodology.Integrated reporting with ready-made queries provide an extensive view of all opportunities and provide the basis for detailed sales planning and simulation.  Activities form an important part of Opportunity Processing. Since this is a presales process, activities need to be very well defined and understood. Also every company can have unique perspective of the phases of opportunity.  Here I present the customization with which you can achieve both of the above.  1). Define your Phase.  Customization Path : CRM -> Transactions -> Setting for opportunities -> Define Sales Cycle and Phases -> Define Phases.  Here you can give in your own phase. The second Description is the name of the Phase.  image Notice the phase, SM1 Identify Opportunity. From now on we will use this phase as an example.  2). Define Action Profile and Action.  Customization Path : CRM -> Basic Functions -> Actions -> Actions in Transaction -> Change Actions and Conditions -> Define Action Profiles and Actions.  Now you need to define an action profile. Inside the action profile we will combine all the activities which we want to show for a particular transaction.   I have already defined one Action Profile that will be used for opportunity.   image As you can see, this new Profile is called OPPORTUNITY_SALES_ASSISTANT. Inside this Action Profile, I have added so many Actions/ Activities.   Please note the Action SMP1 Gather Information on customer. We will be using this action for further example.  3). Define conditions for Actions  Customization Path : CRM -> Basic Functions -> Actions -> Actions in Transaction -> Change Actions and Conditions -> Define Conditions.  Finally, we add the conditions. These conditions will govern which action should be shown in which Phase.      When you open the custimization path given above, you will find that you have 3 divisions of the page. Due to the limitation of size of file, I am showing the views in two separate files. First division is top left division where you can select the action profiles. In the top right division, you can view and select the activities in that action profile. Finally in the bottom view, you can give conditions for the Actions. image image  In the screen shot attached, you can see that the action profile OPPORTUNITY_SALES_ASSISTANT that I just created is already present. It also gives the number of Actions present inside that Action Profile. Here I double click on the Action profile and the view on the top right division changes to the one in the screen shot.   Here I can double click on any action to add conditions for it. In the example I have added condition that the Action  Gather Information on customer should be in the phase  Identify Opportunity (As you can see in the second screen shot). The conditions can be added in the third tab as shown.  4). Confirm that changes have been made.  Open the transaction Sales Methodology. Go to the Sales assistant tab. Choose the phase as Identify Opportunity. You can see the Actions corresponding to that Phase.  image  Notice that the Action “Gather Information on Customer” is present under Phase “Identify Opportunity”.  PS : Note that the examples taken here are meant only for the purpose of demonstration and may or may not be a part of standard customization.
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